Monday, December 30, 2013

Instagrams 20-11 from 2013

Bottom half of the top 20!  That was confusing.  I'm afraid being a stay-at-home mom has made me forget how to write.  No, really.  I feel like I'm losing brain power (although I'm replacing it with emotional intelligence that I never had before).  Maybe I need to read more.

But I digress.  *ahem*

Here we go!

Aug 11 - I love these 2 beauties.  The one on the left is my niece Jadyn, and I cannot tell you how amazing she is.  She is one of the main reasons I didn't totally freak out when I found out I was having a girl.  I just thought to myself, "If she grows up to be like Jadyn, we'll be just fine."  I'm not even kidding.  She and my Piper are the sole girls among 5 boy cousins on the Bruch side, so they stick together.

Nov 27 - I had about 5 twins-in-the-bath pictures in my first cut, so I had to narrow it down.  What is it about naked babies that is so cute?

Oct 8 - Just a perfect, ordinary day.  We played outside all afternoon.  Piper learned how to climb up the slide, much to Xander's delight.  Paxton just loves to swing (he's waiting on me to put him in).  I also really love that tree in the neighbor's yard.  This makes me miss warmer weather.

Nov 9 - Sunbeams, leaves, and 2 of my favorite people in the world.  Yep - love this picture.

Oct 14 - It's getting pretty obvious why I like each picture, right?  I hate to be redundant, but - those eyes!!

April 6 - Xander is growing up fast.  So very fast.  And I'm afraid soon he will start to worry that wearing 2 different shoes isn't cool or he won't jump and laugh with as much abandon.  I love this one because even though you can't see much of him, it completely captured Xander to me.

Aug 8 - My handsome Paxton.  Love the crooked mouth.  Okay, okay.  And the eyes. 

Aug 20 - Although slightly scary (their legs used to slide through the gaps), this picture is also just so cute.  I love those little bald heads and the tippy toes.

Aug 2 - This was our last night at the beach and Xander begged to stay up past his bedtime and go night swimming.  I love the feel of this one.  I remember being a kid and the exhilaration of getting to stay up late on vacation.  The way the pool looks lit up from below instead of from above.  How the water feels warm compared to the night air.  I hope he remembers this stuff too.

July 18 - Yep; the eyes.  And the dimples (chin and cheek) and the baby doll mouth and the white flowers on the navy top with flutter sleeves.  And the way I can't believe I enjoy having a little girl.  All of it. 

All right folks - almost there!  See you tomorrow for the Top 10!

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