Sunday, December 29, 2013

Instagrams 30-21 of 2013

Hey, we're finally getting around to the start of that top 25 I promised!  Here is part 4 of my favorite Instagrams of the year.

Mar 6 - Playing in the sunshine coming in the playroom.  Look. At. Pax.  Such a happy chubby baby.  I love it.

June 10 - Oh, the drama!  I just see a scene where they are partners (FBI, probably), and Paxton has been shot.  Piper is going for an Oscar with her, "Don't you DARE die on me!  I need you!" speech.

July 30 - Xander gained a ton of confidence during our beach trip and jumped into the deep end by himself!  I love his little legs and feet and the way he's holding his nose. 

Jan 21 - Paxton had been sick; we had just gotten back from the doctor.  But he was so happy to be home that he calmed down and was smiling for the first time in a few days.  (I have no idea why I remember these details.)  I love his cheeks.  And the Batman shirt.  And this kind of makes me want to cut my hair.

Jan 22 - The very next day.  Xander always got SO excited when the babies played on his bed.  I love the look in both of their eyes.

April 23 - Speaking of eyes. . . I love these.  And that tiny nose.  And I know I keep saying that, but it's true.

Oct 1 - Paxton tries to avoid Raja kisses, yet he loves them too.  I love this capture of his little squinty face and his hands.  I can just hear him giggling.

May 30 - Mischief.

Dec 4 - Did someone say mischief?  This is the already-legendary Nesquik Incident.

Mar 12 - I LOVE this picture.  I honestly don't know why it's not higher up the list.  It's just . . . the light, his eyes, those lips, even the shirt - I love it all.

Well, since I divided the pictures up by tens a few days ago, this makes me really curious to see the top 20 again!  We'll start it tomorrow - same place, same time. . . well, within 12 hours of the same time anyway.  Hope you're having a fun last weekend of 2013!

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  1. I love all of these photos for the same reasons, Megan. You are such a wonderful photographer, writer and not to mention mother! I have truly been blessed to have you for a daughter and for these awesome grandchildren you have given me!! Thank you for this last year of enjoying your blog!! :)