Saturday, December 28, 2013

Instagrams 40-31 for 2013

If you're just tuning in, you can scroll down and see numbers 60-41.  These are my own personal favorites of my many, many Instagrams in 2013.  Here we go.

Nov 10 - This is not the greatest picture in the world; I realize that.  But I love it.  I love my sister drinking Coke, my niece eating popcorn, and my boy watching the movie.  It's like the three best things about the movies all in one.  We had fun.

Aug 3 - Piper (finally) fell asleep on the way home from the beach.  I took this picture from the front seat, with my arm twisted around and not even able to see what I was shooting.  I was thrilled to have captured this sweet little moment.

Mar 1 - Xander and his cousin Caleb.  Caleb is 4 months older, and they are like brothers.  They play, they fight, they laugh, they tattle, they have so much fun together.  Both of their faces are perfect in this one.

June 29 - This was when the twins were first starting to "kiss."  Paxton saw Daddy working outside and banged on the windows.  When Lucas came near, Pax leaned in and kissed the glass.  I'm not really so sure he's a Mama's Boy.  This one loves his Daddy.  A lot.

Jan 29 - Honestly, does it not look like I strapped in a baby doll beside Paxton?  Those eyes!  That nose!  Those cheeks!  I love Xander's excitement and Paxton's striped hoodie too, but Piper's little face is what landed this one in my favorites.

Aug 14 - This was actually taken on our 9th wedding anniversary, which we spent hanging out with family in Boone.  But when I picked this one, I didn't even remember the date - I just love this place.  I can't explain what it is about Boone that makes it so special to me.  My heart is just there.  And hopefully one day, we'll have a little house sitting just beyond that tree, and our kids will spend many, many afternoons playing in this grass.

Jan 27 - Not posed (or I would have washed the windows).  I just saw Xander standing in the morning light and was reminded of how blessed I am by him, his brother and sister, and his Daddy.  Isn't that just super cheesy?  Forgive me.  Thinking about Boone in the last picture made me all sappy.

July 30 - Naked baby by the pool.  Automatic top 50.

Dec 3 - Remember in another picture when I said he doesn't try to hide or run away, but just lives in the moment?  Yeah, that.  Right here.  The relaxed pose just kills me.  Plus, the Santa suit on top of that.  Hilarious.

April 4 - Xander and his cousin Jadyn (Caleb's big sis) at the Aquarium.  I love the wonder in those faces.

Thanks for hanging with me so far!  I hope you're enjoying it.  Check back tomorrow for the start of the top half!

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