Friday, December 27, 2013

Instagrams 50-41 of 2013

Here you go, the start of the top 50!

Mar 10 - We got outside as soon as it got warm enough.  My kids are like me - they love going outside.  Even Bosco and Raja.  We had a lot of fun this day.  It was the first time that the twins just looked around and snacked and played and were content out there for a couple hours.  (Xander was running around playing.)

Nov 30 - Classic Santa shot.  Xander was smiling because I told him to.  Paxton was so sleepy and over it before it started.  Piper - well, Piper is missing a shoe.  I love it.

Feb 11 - I really like our front door.  I really like our whole house, actually.  Although I feel like it is time for us to move and I will be thrilled to live in Boone one day, I will so miss this house.

June 21 - These two are just the cutest.  I love their friendship.

Sep 25 - When I posted this, a friend of mine said it looks like an album cover.  Now I can't help but see that every time I look at this one.  It's hilarious to me.

Jan 16 - I mean, just look at those faces!  How could I not love this one?

May 4 - This was my husband's 30th birthday.  We were supposed to have a big party for him, but all 5 of us had been sick with a stomach bug in the days before this.  So instead, we went down the road to my hometown's annual butterfly festival just to get out, and I snapped this picture.  I don't know why I like it so much exactly.  I love his hood, the finger in the mouth, the bubble off to the left, the fact that that street is so familiar to me and tied to my childhood in my mind.  I just really like it.

April 3 - We went to the beach with Lucas's brother, his wife, and their 2 kids.  This picture is here because of the faucet censorship - which I totally did not mean to do.  So amazingly perfect and funny.

Oct 11 - I met this girl in college.  She was my roomie and, we soon discovered, my long-lost sister!  Okay, not really, but it seemed like it.  I am so blessed that she is willing to make the 4-hour drive to my neck of the woods a few times a year so we can hang out.  I love her, and my kiddos do too.  Look at those huge smiles!

Aug 1 - This was our family beach trip.  We rode bikes after dinner and one of the tires on the kid carrier blew out.  Lucas rode the other bike (with Piper on the back) to the condo to get the van while me, Pax, and Xander waited for him and took selfies.  I love this one of Paxton - his tongue, that sprig of hair, those sweet eyes.  I just love this boy.

Twenty down, forty more to go!  It's actually kind of stressful trying to figure out which order they should be in!  I'm pretty much just grabbing a random one and going with it.  But it's fun!

See you tomorrow with 40-31!

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