Thursday, December 26, 2013

Instagrams 60-51 of 2013

Okay, as you can see from the title, I couldn't narrow it down to just 25 Instagrams from the year.

That post was much harder to do than I anticipated.  I thought it would be fun to pick 25 of the "top" Instagrams from the year.  But as I looked through them, I realized - I'm not sure what I mean by "top."  Do I choose the ones that got the most "like"s on Instagram?  Do I do a "year in review" kind of thing, being careful to choose a few from each month?  Do I try to incorporate all different kinds of pictures (not just my cute kids)?  Or do I simply just pick my 25 favorites - for whatever reason they are my favorites?

After my first cut, I had 168.  (Have I mentioned I like pictures?)  So I made what I felt like was a pretty big cut, and I still had 137.  There were some I just couldn't cut.  ("Oh, that was Xander's first day of preschool. . . and that one was when Piper first said 'mama,' . . . and this one was when Pax started carrying his blankie everywhere.")

Issues.  I have issues.

So I decided then - I'm going to just pick my favorites.  It doesn't matter why it's my favorite.  It doesn't matter if I don't represent every part of our year.  It doesn't matter if I choose 10 with Piper, 10 with Paxton, and only 5 with Xander.  (Let's face it - he doesn't like for me to take his picture much anymore.)  So that's what I went with - the ones that made me smile the most.

And yet - I just couldn't get it down to 25.  Or even 50.  I couldn't make my finger delete some out of the folder.  (See above about having issues.)

So here are numbers 60-51, along with the date taken and why I chose it.  I'll put up 10 a day for the next 5 days and drag this thing out.  (And yes, I realize this means I did narrow it down to the top 25.  But the numbers are almost arbitrary.  I love them all.)

Let's begin.

Feb 21 - The twins have always adored their big brother.  I remember how both Paxton and Xander got SO excited that Pax was big enough to sit on Xander's bed and play.

Oct 16 - I just love how I turned around and saw this happening.  Xander knew when he did something bad and tried to be sneaky.  Piper does too.  Not Paxton.  He just enjoys the moment while it lasts.  I like his style.

Aug 27 - It looks like they are sitting around bored, Piper with a snack, watching TV.  In reality, they were playing with Xander (they're looking at him), laughing and moving around.  But in this frozen moment, it looks like the complete opposite.  It cracks me up every time.

Jan 9 - On cold and/or rainy days last winter, this is what we did all day.  Epic battles of good vs. evil.  I have learned so much more about super heroes (and villains) than I ever thought I would.  This picture always makes me smile.

Sep 12 - The pose.  I just love it.

May 3 - Our Bosco.  We rescued him as a wee bitty pup and he's turning 9 in a few weeks.  He was a goofy, needy, spaz of a dog who has turned into a slower lazy boy in his old age, but he has always been sweet.  Some people think he looks scary, but I see a gentle boy (who is amazing with the kids) in those eyes.  I think this just captures him well.

Feb 16 - I remember Lucas was out of town.  We were heading to my niece's birthday party that afternoon.  The twins (8 months old at the time) were napping and I was trying to get everything packed and ready to go.  And it started snowing.  And Xander was thrilled (we don't get a lot of snow).  So I stopped rushing, we threw some paper in the freezer for a few minutes, grabbed some hats, and went outside and caught snowflakes for a while.  He was beyond happy.

Jan 28 - This was around the time when Xander realized that making the babies laugh is quite fun, and maybe they could possibly be friends one day.  This day, he asked if they could play in his tent and so they did.  In fact, they spent about 20 minutes hanging out together in there (which was an eternity for them both to be entertained at the time).

Mar 3 - I love this because of Xander's face and his hand on Paxton's head.  Instead of being annoyed that Paxton was messing with him, he laughed and was sweet to him.  He is the best big brother.

July 6 - Piper is wearing the dress her daddy got her from Africa, and I snapped the picture in the 3 seconds that she wore the headband.  I just love her face, his face, her little arm, those dimples, all of it.

All righty, there's the first installment.  That was kind of fun, right?  Come back tomorrow and we'll do it again.

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