Friday, December 20, 2013

Pictures from a blogging failure

So. . . maybe I'll do better in 2014?  I can't make any promises.  For now, here are the last 2 weeks' worth of Instagrams.  And I think at the end of the year I may do a "Top 25" Instagrams - just for fun.  But that's about all you can expect until January.  Just fair warning.

Xander wasn't feeling well last Sunday.  I wanted to keep him still on the couch and keep the twins away from him.  By the evening, the iPad was about the only thing that would keep him still.  But the iPad is also a baby magnet.  Decisions, decisions.  (Luckily he bounced back fast and the twins didn't get sick.)

They just hung here and chatted for several minutes.

This is the gorgeous frame made by my talented friend Christin out of old barn wood.

These were taken almost exactly a year apart.

New hats!

Just enjoying his meal like any normal person.

This is an excited squeal.  They love standing on the table.

Our friend Colton came to spend the night last weekend!  We took the kids out in pajamas to see some lights.

Speaking of pajamas, these aren't really the same pajamas, but they sort of match, and it's so cute when they each wear them together, that I wash them every other day.  (This was a wrestling match and then the breather afterward.)

Xander made "Grinch Dust" at school.  He sprinkled it in the yard to keep the Grinch away from our house.  He said the dogs were helping, but I'm pretty sure they ate it all (it was made of sugar).  Don't tell him.  ;)

These two.  They still fight, but they're playing together more, and even cuddling a bit.  How stinking cute is that?

To all (3) of you lovely people out there - have a very merry Christmas.  Sit back and enjoy your time with family and friends.  See you soon with my Top 25 of 2013.

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