Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Top 10 Instagrams of 2013!

We made it!  And I just looked at the ten I set aside as my very favorites and realized that 50% of them are of just Xander.  Ummm. . . I guess since he doesn't like pictures anymore, I really like the ones I get of him?  That was purely accidental, but we'll roll with it.  Here you go, the long-awaited (if a week is "long") . . . TOP TEN.

May 23 - A little gimmicky, but I still love it.  This is a real Xander smile.  It's the best.

Aug 1 - This isn't the greatest picture of any of us individually (although Pax's face is awesome), but the fact that it has all 5 of us in it got it to the top 10.  Plus, we had so much fun on our beach trip, and this is a reminder of that.

March 10 - This was accidental.  He was running toward me (I was laying on the ground), and I put up my camera and clicked.  I like things that are a little different, and I just love this shot.

May 9 - I love it.  Another "just click" shot, taken while we were "fighting" on my bed (that's a pillow above his head).  He was Spider-Man and I was Doctor Octopus.  Even with my 8 arms, he defeated me.  I love the action and the look of pure joy on his face.  I can just hear him laughing.

March 12 - You think 2 kids in the bath is cute?  How about 3?  Boom.

Aug 30 - I had been cleaning up the other half of his room, so he completely forgot I was there.  I love to watch him when he doesn't know I'm watching him.  I love the composition and the feel of this one.  The toys, the books, the crayons - it reminds me of being a kid and getting lost drawing.  I love it.

Oct 8 - Like I said, I like things that are different.  I loved this one the second I took it.  Xander is dividing up the food equally, Paxton is pulling a sticky Skittle from his hand, and Piper's toenails are orange!  (Although you can really only see that on the big one on her left foot.)  I love these little hands and feet.  And I love Fall days when it's not too hot to go out for hours at a time and then stop to have a picnic snack outside in the grass.

May 6 - His face!!  Oh, I love it so much I could cry.  (That's totally weird, right?)  He was so excited that we made brownies "for no special day."  He already looks so much bigger than this.  I wish I could freeze time sometimes.  I guess pictures are the closest thing to that, huh?

Dec 20 - This was just taken a few days ago, but I already love it so much.  It just looks so much like their personalities to me.  This is my sweet Paxton, leaning into his sister, content to snuggle for a while.  And this is my sweet and spunky Piper, being loving with her brother, but ready to hop up and get into something else.  I am crazy about them.

Oct 19 - You guys.  If you had told me 5 years ago - or even 1 year ago, really - that my favorite picture of the year would be my little girl in a pink tutu, I would have laughed in your face.  But it is.  I can't stand how cute it is.  I love how one leg is curled up under her, and the way she puts her hands in front of her and arches her back a little - that's when she is really excited.  And the tutu is just. . . it's just the cutest.  Especially with those striped sleeves.  I. Love. It.

There you have it.  I hope you've liked this little look back on my year.  Thanks so much for checking in with my blog in 2013.  I've been a blogging slacker most of the time, but it's been sort of fun.

I pray you have a very blessed 2014, friends!


  1. They are all awesome pictures! Every one of them! I couldn't pick a top 10 or top 100 because if the picture is of my grandchildren it is number 1 !! I love them all, Megan, and I hope you continue to keep this blog going in 2014! You do an amazing job! :)

  2. They are all so precious! I love them! And I really like this idea! I might do a top 10 IG pics too!

    1. You should! But good luck narrowing it down - especially with your adorable girls. :)