Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Banana Swirl (Easiest "Recipe" Ever)

In the title, I put "recipe" in quotation marks because there is one ingredient.  That's not really a recipe, right?  But Xander felt like he was really making something special, and he could do it mostly himself.  Plus, we had fun with it, so I thought I'd share it for anyone else with preschoolers who get bored at home and like to cook.

Xander saw this "recipe" on PBS Kids (I think it was Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood) and wanted to try it, so we did.  You will need:  2 bananas (or really as many as you wish), a blender.

Be sure to write that down so you don't forget anything.

Here's the how-to.  First, you peel and cut your bananas

Xander actually did a great job cutting the bananas.  He sliced right through them and didn't "saw" them like I expected.  I sawed things until I was 26, so I was pretty proud of the guy.

Next step - put the slices in a freezer-safe baggie, and put them in the freezer.

You sticking with me so far?  I know, totally complicated.

Here's where it gets fun.  You wait at least 20 minutes (we set a timer because he was so excited and wanted to know exactly when it had been time), then get the bananas out.  Then - you blend them up.  Add nothing.  So easy.

Try not to be alarmed at the loud noise of the blender.

 Then - you put it in a bowl and eat it!


Xander liked it.  I think next time we'll wait longer than 20 minutes to let the bananas freeze, though.  The consistency was a bit too. . . soft.  But still - fun little activity if you've got sleeping toddlers and an older brother to entertain!

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