Friday, January 17, 2014

Finally Friday!

This was (is?) a long week.  Starting last Friday, we have been battling sickness every day.  First Lucas, then me, then Piper, then everyone fine, then Piper again, now both twins.  I did take them to the doctor today for their 18-month checkup (a month and a half late), and had them checked out for the cough/runny nose/fevers.  Apparently, it's just a virus and it will run its course.  Glad it's not flu!  Hopefully by next Friday we'll all be feeling good.  And it will be warm.  (Okay, I'm not going to push it.  Healthy is good enough.)

Here are the instagrams from this week!

Approximately 0.426 seconds after I took this, Paxton had had enough.

I know it's blurry, but they're just so cute.

Again - a glimpse into the teenage years - Paxton yelling at me to leave him alone when he listens to music

One good thing about being sick in bed for an entire day:  you get to read.

Stacking spices.  Whatever kept her happy this week.  (See the sick eyes?)

I love this child.  I mean - look at him!  He's fantastic.

Bosco's birthday!  (Sorry for the color - it was really dark)

And this morning at the doctor.  We had to put this mask on them and while Paxton wigged out, Piper just stood completely still looking around like, "Is this happening?"  It was insanely pitiful.

And now, bed.  I'm lying.  Lucas and I are going to finish watching American Idol first.  (Don't judge me - I love Harry Connick, Jr.)  Then I'm going to bed.

Happy weekend!

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