Friday, January 3, 2014

Insta Friday

I actually skipped the "regular" Instagram post last week to do the top 60, so here's the last 2 weeks of Instagrams.  It's actually just through the end of 2013, as I haven't posted anything yet this year.  (Yes, all 2 days of it.  Probably a record.)

Anyway, here's the pictures.  Stay tuned next week for another edition of Deep Thoughts!

We had a Christmas celebration at my parents' house several days early, which meant several days extra of playing with the toys they got there.  I barely got them in the door from church before they ran to start playing again.

This was a set where you dig for dinosaur bones and then assemble them.  It was COLD the day we did it, but Xander didn't mind.

Christmas Eve night.  :)

And Christmas morning.  Xander playing with his DS, and the twins climbing on their new chairs.  We had a fun, laid-back morning.

Christmas evening at Lucas's family's house.  We always toss our kids around after dinner.  And by "we" I mean Lucas.  And by "toss" I mean throw way too high in the air.  And by "after dinner" I mean any time at all.

Xander got some amazing face crayons for Christmas.  He was quite pleased with his work.

A glimpse from Christmas at my grandparents' house.  This does a fairly good job of capturing the chaos, but what you don't see are the other 20 or so people that were there.  It has been this way as long as I can remember.  It's not Christmas without this epicness.

Hanging out at home. 


Xander has so spoiled Piper on this that she will not push herself on it anymore.  She just sits on it and yells until he comes and pushes her around.  Diva.

Paxton really liked the fire truck at the playground.  A lot.

Daddy dressed Piper.  She liked it. 

Happy Friday, folks!  Have a great weekend and be safe if you're in all this crazy snow!

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