Friday, January 31, 2014

Insta Friday

In case you didn't see my last post (keep scrolling down if you want to), we got snow this week!  Just about an inch, but hey - it's snow.  It was enough for me and Xander to make a (small) snowman, and the twins got to feel snow for the first time.  It's already mostly melted, and this weekend is supposed to be warm, but then next week the weather people say more is coming.  Who knows.

Xander is on his third snow day today.  He misses preschool.  He's had fun playing in the snow, though, and we've made milkshakes and Play-Doh characters and had some fun.  Today we may venture out to Walmart just to get out of the house.  I know - most people would rather be stuck in the house than take 3 kids to Walmart, right?  Maybe I'm crazy.

But let's get to the pictures.

They were excited about all the treasures behind the couch.

I've said it before and I'll say it again - Xander is the best big brother ever.

Zoned out?  Not really.  This lasted about 15 seconds.  But it sure was cute.

Playing before bed

This is a text I sent to Lucas one day.  And I mean standing on the coffee table.  Laughing.  They're crazy.

The day before it snowed it was above 50 degrees, so we played outside!  Oh man, it was great.  We had fun.  The boys explored, and Piper rode the big swing!  (She's yelling at me to put the phone down and keep pushing.)

Snow Day!  It was still snowing here - we ended up getting a bit more than this.  I love my house in the snow.  (Probably because you can't see the 80+ year old roof!)

Paxton thought my boots were stuffed animals.  Pretty hilarious.

Me and my oldest heading out to build a snowman.  I have like 5 layers on to go out in an inch of snow.  Southerner.

And here's my Piper - turning the dog food into a mini stage for her dancing extravaganza.  She also used it as a bed (see below).

Here's one more, even though it's not an Instagram, so you can see her "bed."  Paxton was impressed.

They're crazy, but fun. 

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