Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Getting Outside

This schizophrenic weather is such a TEASE!  Man.  I love getting outside, and Sunday was 70 degrees here, but now tomorrow there's supposed to be snow again?  Snow?!?  (Yes, I know it's not going to accumulate or anything, but I'm trying to be dramatic here, so let's ignore that.)  WHY, WEATHER, WHY???????

Okay, that's done.  Anyway, here's a few scenes from us playing outside this past weekend, just to get all us Southerners through these next couple days of coldness.  AGAIN.

Okay, now I'm done.

Warning:  There aren't many of Xander.  Not because I don't love him, but because the boy is fast.  Plus, I spent the majority of my time watching Paxton throw a tantrum because he couldn't play in the puddles, and then consoling him after he threw a tantrum because he couldn't play in the puddles.

First things first, let's climb this slide.

Meanwhile, Xander got to the top of the big slide fast.  And down even faster, which is why there aren't pictures of that.

Piper and Xander were running and climbing and Pax just hung around the same area.  He's my careful guy.

The color is messed up in this one, but I love his face.  Like, "Who does this girl think she is?"

My football star.  He carried this ball around quite a bit.  He's so stinking cute.

Our cousins came too.  This is Riley helping Piper.

And this is me following Paxton - to the puddles.  (I didn't know that's where he was heading.)

Riley and Piper again.  Cuties.

My husband catching the football.  (It looks like a throw, but it was catching a wild one.)  And those spots in the sky?  Yeah - I need to clean my camera.

Here's where it gets sad.  This is my happy girl, running on the sidewalk.

And here is that poor girl busting her chin on the sidewalk.

I was holding a pouting Paxton in my lap, so Daddy got her.  She has quite a scrape on her chin, but she only cried a couple minutes.

This helped cheer her up.

And off she goes again!

After this, the sun was getting lower and I gave up on the pictures.  I really need to learn how to use my camera better.  But hey - at least I'm using it!

So let's all look at this and remember - spring is coming!!!


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    1. Thanks, Amanda. I really appreciate it. I've debated just quitting doing this because I feel like I'm pretty boring. haha But I kind of like having a document of our boring lives, so I'm still going.

      I started it because I really love writing, and I'm finding that I don't really do much "real" writing on here. Just quips and captions. So it's not what I envisioned, but instead more of an online journal of my day-to-day. But I guess that's okay too. It's the season I'm in.

  2. Please dont quit! I live to look at these blogs! And love all your documentation!!

    1. Did you mean you "love" to look at these blogs? Because if you live for it - wow; I'll never quit! That's intense!

      HAHAHA! No, really. Thank you so much. It sounds really cheesy, but that really does mean a lot. I was almost certain that Lucas and my dad were the only 2 people who looked at this, so I very much appreciate it.

  3. I like looking, too! I am just a few weeks behind!! :)