Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Happy Hearts Day. Again.

Last year, Xander called Valentines Day "Hearts Day," which was pretty cute.  This year, he calls it "Balentines Day," which is also cute.  (As long as he doesn't say "Valentimes Day" I'm good.)

Ignore the "baby boy" cross.  I realize he is 5 years old, but we got this when I was pregnant with him and we've just never taken it off.

Anyway, the "happy hearts" thing is not the reason I started this new tradition, but, again, I'm bad at titles and this is what I thought of.  The new tradition is, starting on February 1 and going to February 14, every morning Xander wakes to a new heart on his door.  Each one says something that I love about him.

After the first few, he asked me to start writing things that are awesome about him too.  So there are a few of those.

He likes it, although he sort of pretends not to when other people ask about it.  But at night he'll say, "What's going on my heart tonight?"

I think I might keep this tradition going.  Which I suppose means I'll have 3 times as many hearts next year.  :)

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