Thursday, February 13, 2014

He Said/She Said 2014

You may remember last year when my husband, Lucas, and I answered the same questions without seeing each other's answers first.  Well, I thought that was really fun, so I decided to do it again.  But with different questions, of course, which I found online by Googling "spouses answer questions."  That brought up a lot of odd things, but I eventually found some that worked.

So in honor of Valentine's Day and our half-anniversary (I know that's not really a thing) tomorrow, here goes:

Lucas with Emmy and me with Bosco in our first house in 2005

If money and time weren't a concern, where/what would your dream vacation be?
Megan:  I would love to take about 6 weeks and just tour Europe when the kids are older.  Specifically Ireland, Italy, Spain, and Greece.  Oh, and Loch Ness!  I want to meet Nessie.  (Yes, for real.)  I think he would probably pick New Zealand, since it's one of the few areas of the world he's hasn't visited.  (And because of Lord of the Rings, let's be honest.)
Lucas:  My dream vacation would be 2 weeks in the Vancouver area.  One week in the city and one week skiing my butt off at Whistler.  But that just doesn't seem like enough, I think maybe I would rather spend a summer traveling all the way across New Zealand.
For Megan - I think she would want to fly to Scotland.  We would travel the scottish highlands, taking amazing photos, staying in cool places and ultimately making our way to Loch Ness.

What is the most she has ever paid for a pair of shoes:
Megan:  I think I spent about $80 on my Doc Martens, but that was before I met him (and I still have them!).  I mostly wear Chucks (which were all gifts so I didn't buy them) or flip flops or go barefoot.
Lucas:  I am not sure she knows the answer to this, you know why?, because shoes are shoes.  I think her most expensive pair of footwear are her snow boots, but I think that was a gift from me (my memory rocks, clearly).  So maybe the chucks I love so much, and those were probably $20 or so.

What is his biggest pet peeve?
Megan:  People touching his head?  (I know - totally weird.)
Lucas:  I don't know, I have a lot of quirks.  But probably people being rude to wait staff.

When/where was your last date?
Megan:  We went for a motorcycle ride and to see Gravity back in early October.
Lucas:  I am not sure when, I am not good with dates.  My brain is broken.  For example, I can't remember even what month our last date was, but did you know that the Battle of Hastings was October 14th, 1066?  It was also the last time England was successfully invaded.  Anyways.  Our last date, we went out to Lonestar steakhouse.  I had a steak that was over-cooked, but the waitress was great and they got me a new one that was cooked to perfection.  My wife got some sort of baked, cheesy ranch bacon chicken thing (all of her essential food groups) and she LOVED it. In fact, we have since made it at home and the family all loved it.

*Note:  He is thinking about the date before last, which was in spring 2013.  Pretty sure those are the only 2 dates we went on last year.  I know, I know. . . we're working on it.

What is the color of his favorite shirt?
Megan:  Gray?  Either an NC State or Star Wars t-shirt probably.
Lucas:  I don't have a favorite shirt.  But I wear red and gray a lot, Go Pack!

What is her favorite thing for dinner (either at home or out)?
Megan:  That's tough.  I sometimes crave a good burger, and Lucas makes amazing ribs, but probably something involving lots of cheese and bacon.  And ranch.
Lucas:  I would have to say her favorite, at this time, would be Chik-fil-a, with fries, coke, and 2 packs of honey roasted BBQ.  Or if we are cooking at home, probably Ribs.

If you won the lottery, what would he spend the money on?
Megan:  Paying off the house and his student loans?  And taking me out for cheese, bacon, and ranch, of course!
Lucas:  I would buy some great land in the mountains, build our dream house, have a barn with a horse or two and just live a wonderful life.  The other money would be spent on amazing vacations every year and making sure our extended families got some help.  But honestly, my answer is simple because I haven't given this much thought.  I don't play the lottery, I have never even bought a scratch-off ticket.  By the way, my house would have the most amazing kitchen!!  Like magazine spread worthy!

What would she spend it on?
Megan:  Paying off the house and student loans.  haha  And then we'd build a house in Boone with tons of natural light.  And if there was any leftover, I'd give away my minivan and get a 3-row SUV.
Lucas:  Probably similar answer to mine.  And she would also build some sort of epic art and craft shed at our amazing mountain house.

How much does she pay for hair cuts?
Megan:  Nothing.  I either do it myself or, more often, my sister-in-law cuts it for me.  If I have cash I'll give it to her, but it's not a set rate.
Lucas:  $20 I think, for cut and color.  Our amazing sister-in-law does it and Megan gets a killer deal.

*Note:  I did have my SIL color my hair when I was pregnant and couldn't stand long enough to do it myself, but I usually color my own hair.

Who is his celebrity crush?
Megan:  This depends on what he's watched lately, but an all-time favorite is Natalie Portman, thanks to her role in the Star Wars franchise.
Lucas:  I don't really know.  My love of Star Wars has me leaning Natalie Portman

What is his/her favorite movie?
Megan:  His - The Empire Strikes Back?  Mine - It's hard for me to pick, because I really like movies, but I'll go with The Shawshank Redemption.
Lucas:  See above.  Hers is probably Shawshank Redemption.

What is his/her dream job:
Megan:  His - Dream job?  I really don't know.  Something where he would wear a tie and it would deal with computers.  Which is actually what he does now, but I think he'd like to be higher-level.  Or a ref for the NFL!  Yes, let's go with that.  Mine - I haven't much thought about this, honestly.  Um. . . I really just sat and thought for like 10 minutes and I got nothing.  I'm not much of a future-thinker.  I like what I'm doing now - hanging out with my kids and trying to help them be responsible, smart, happy little people.
Lucas:  Mine, I am not so sure. Maybe a football analyst for some major network.  Megan, perhaps a photographer for National Geographic.  Or an editor of some large publication.  We have never really talked about this.

What is your favorite thing about him?
Megan:  I mean, that's hard, because it's a million things, you know?  He's funny, and I like that.  He works really hard and that's admirable to me.  He thinks about me and the kids, and he respects me.  He tries to lead his family and point us toward God.  And he buys me Cheetos.
Xander (for fun, because he overheard, and Lucas didn't get this question):  Whenever he's home and I'm just hanging out, he picks me up when I don't even know it, then he slams me on the couch and I laugh and laugh.  And one time when it was my bedtime, Daddy went to the store and left me his iPad so I could stay up a few minutes and watch an episode of Sonic Underground.

Me and the hubs in 2003

Happy Valentine's Day, Lucas, and all of you!

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