Friday, February 7, 2014

Insta Friday

Hey people.  I'm going to be honest here - I'm tired and I'm ready to zone out.  So minimal words tonight.  Here are pictures.

They saw Xander stack all of these up one time and tried and tried to do it.  Finally they gave up and made 2 stacks.

I told Xander he could have one s'more.  He made a giant one.  Outsmarted by a preschooler.

I love this girl.  And that's totally a Xander face on the left.

Lucas's brother and his family got a new puppy.  Piper is quite smitten.  (Those are cracker crumbs all over the poor thing because Piper kept "sharing" her crackers, even while the puppy was dead asleep.)

This is seriously one of my favorite pictures ever.  Paxton had already gotten out of the sibling bath, and I was finishing up with the other two.  All of a sudden, Pax just busts in with a bat, and they all start madly giggling.  I just love their faces and Xander protecting Piper and the blue water and everything.

I decided to ditch the high chair trays and scoot them up to the table this week.  It, um, is going slowly.  They're a little more excited about playing than they are about eating.

Sometimes they play nice together.

Waiting on Daddy to come home one evening

This one wasn't on Instagram, because I sent it directly to Lucas.  He has recently been making fun of this baby doll, which I have had as long as I can remember.  Did I lose his clothes 30 years ago?  Yes.  Is his hair all nappy now?  Well yes.  Are there tiny holes all in his face from age and various bites?  Yep.  But I love him, and by golly, so does my girl.

This one is from this morning when we went to play with Waylon.  He's a sweet boy, and he's about to be a big brother!  (And he has some awesome toys.)

My little Linus - holding his blankie during dinner.  Can't say no to that sweet face.

Xander sat and read every bit of "Where The Wild Things Are" to his brother and sister.  So proud of this guy.

That's it, folks.  Have a happy weekend.

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