Sunday, February 23, 2014

Last Week's Recap

I know this is late.  And that I haven't even made a blog post in over a week.  But y'all - this week, my kids were crazy.  I mean, was there a full moon?  One evening Lucas came home from work and within 5 minutes of being home he said, "What's with Pax?"  I asked what he meant and he said, "He's just crazy.  It's like he's found a bag of sugar.  Or crack."

So it wasn't just me.

Even my dogs were insane, and 2 nights in a row they put their front paws on the counter and ate half our would-be dinner.  They never do this.  Ever.  And 2 nights in a row they did.  (Well, one night it was Raja and the next it was Bosco.)  Crazy.

I mean, don't get me wrong, I still had fun.  It was just a weird did-that-really-just-happen kind of week.  Here's the Instagrams (plus the 2 extra from last week):

This was Valentine's Day.  It was nearly 60 degrees, but we were surrounded by snow for our walk.  Pretty neat.

Last Saturday my niece had her 6th birthday party.  By the end, all the "big" kids went to the playroom and were just running around and screaming.  Paxton couldn't decide if he was intimidated, or wanted to be just like them.

My uber-cool cousin, Tucker, got his Eagle Scout rank!  (Is that how you even phrase that?)  I kind of thought Xander might be bored at the ceremony, but he loved it!  Every night we ask him what his high/low was for the day, and this was his high.  And for days afterward, he told everyone he saw that his "friend" Tucker was an Eagle Scout.  So cute.

Piper was just waiting for him to spill this.  She didn't have to wait long.

Outside!  A few days we did get to take the craziness outside for a bit.  Piper dug in this sand/mud for a long time. 

I'm not really sure what's going on here, but I thought it was funny.

More from our pretty days outside.  I love the twins walking together.

At preschool one day, Xander could paint "anything he wanted."  He painted a heart with me inside.  This one shall be framed.

Speaking of Xander's preschool - they had an etiquette lunch and the most well-mannered students got to sit at the Table of Honor.  This guy was included in those ranks.  (And he's got his fancy face down.)

Piper's new favorite game.  She even played it when we went to visit my grandparents.  Oy.

These two are so, so sweet.  They were pretending to camp out and just laid together and giggled for the longest time.

Have I mentioned Piper can make some big messes?  This was one single chocolate chip.  I'm not sure she even swallowed any of it.

Paxton's crazy day started like this when I while I was washing a few dishes.

And it ended like this - him stuck in the toilet, completely soaked.

Xander loves football now.  He says he's going to be a football player that "only plays in the Super Bowl games" when he grows up.

Oh, Piper.  Please stop being so cute while causing mischief.  It's hard to punish you.

Paxton's selfie!  (There were about 40 of his selfies on my phone.  Sneaky.)

And speaking of toddlers taking pictures with my phone, here is what Piper sees when I change her diaper.  There were 101 photos from this changing session.  And one video, in which I may or may not have been singing Danke Schoen.
Here's one of the missing photos from last week - Paxton's impressive hair.  You'd never know from the front.

Hope you had a super lovely weekend.  We sure did - sunshine, friends, family, and movies were involved.  Have a great week, friends!  I'm going to bed.

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