Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The days are long, but the years are short

I really like that phrase.  I have no idea who penned that, but I think about it sometimes around here.  It seems that by the end of the day I am SO tired - mostly mentally.  And especially in the winter when we feel cooped up, the days seem long.

But the years really are short.  The twins are 20 months old now - 4 months until they are 2.  And Xander is 5 already!  He'll start Kindergarten this year.

Dressed like Daddy - badge (for work) and all

So that is one reason I want to take more pictures with my camera.  Because I don't want to just remember how tired I am - I want to remember WHY I'm tired.

"He's taking my bear!"

It's because these guys are active - and fun.  They get into stuff.  I have to be on alert at all times.  And I'm glad for that.  I'm glad they are so curious and energetic and, yes, a bit mischievous.

No, Piper, you're not allowed behind the TV.

So I try to keep in mind how quickly it goes by.  Yes, that is completely and utterly cliche.  But probably because it's true.

And I'll miss being this kind of tired when it is replaced with running-to-2-practices-and-a-ballgame-every-night kind of tired.

Caught hitting Raja (he thinks he's petting her)

So I'll enjoy this while it lasts.