Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentines Insta Friday

This will be a short one.  As I was compiling the pictures, I realized I actually have two more pictures that didn't upload (I think because I didn't add a filter to them), but I'm just too lazy to go get the cable and hook up my phone and upload them, so I'll add them to next week.  That's pretty darn lazy, huh?  It's been a long night.  I'm tired.

But here's the majority:

Xander and Daddy just hanging around.  (Sorry.  Again, I'll blame that on being tired.)

This day they adored each other.  That's rare.  I mean, they typically like each other, but this day they were CRAZY about each other.  Look how hard he's hugging her - and that was a totally spontaneous kiss.  Adorable.

More from the same day - this time a tickle fight

School was on a delay Tuesday, so we had a lazy morning, staying in pajamas (or shirtless), and munching muffins.

Turns out Tuesday was the last day of school for the week.  Wednesday we got 5 inches of snow!  Here's Xander checking on his bowls of snow for our first-ever snow cream.

On Thursday my parents and Lucas's mom came over to play in the snow!  This is the start of our snowman.

And here are my valentines for this year.  I love these people.

I'll have a couple extra next week.  Happy Valentines Night and happy weekend!

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