Friday, February 28, 2014

Welcome Home Friday

My husband was out of town on business all week, and he's home!  Yay!

Annnnnd - he's sick (double ear infection).  Boo.  But at least he's home, and - of course I'll mention weather - it's supposed to be 70 degrees here again this Sunday!  Yeah!  Surely that will help him feel better.  Or is that me. . .

Anyhoo - let's have it:

Monday morning.  The twins got a hold of Xander's "face crayons" (much like a grease pencil) and colored on the dining room table.  I pried the crayons out of their little fists, put them on a high shelf, cleaned that mess up, washed my hands, then went to get them a snack - and saw this.  Sneaky Piper had smuggled a tiny broken part of the blue and put it to work while I had been scrubbing the table.  That girl. . .

Cool dude.

We had actually just come home from the store here and they saw our neighbor's dog in our yard.  They were SO excited and played with him through the fence for quite a while.  (But then I had to bring the milk in, so they had to go inside.)

He always dresses himself.  I wanted a picture of him this morning and told him to smile.  He gave this face.  I said, "Okay, I got that, now smile."  This face.  I tried again.  This face.  And again.  Finally, he explained, "This is my face when I'm looking good.  It's my awesome face."  Oh.  Okay, then.  (Also - Paxton.  So cute.)

Piper just walks through and, in one sweeping motion, knocks all the spices off the bottom shelf, then just plops herself down like "Why were you storing salt on my tiny seat?"  And instead of telling her no, I took a picture.  I'm in such trouble with this one, guys.

Paxton kept adding and adding (with a bit of help) and didn't really look at the tower until this point.  When he looked up, he was clearly impressed with his work.

Little toes stomping the mess I'm trying to pick up.

Paxton captured himself!

They. Are. So. Cute.  Look at that bottom picture!  Good grief.

This last one is a video of the twins - well, mostly Piper, to be fair - freaking OUT because she saw a moth in the house.  (Sorry; I can't make it bigger.  Maybe if you click on it?)  Now, this is a good freak out.  They were both soooo excited (she's just more vocal) about that tiny moth.  This went on for many minutes, actually.  They were cracking me up.

Happy weekend, everyone.  May you have sunny days, block towers, perfectly-sized seating, awesome faces, and no ear infections!  (And moths to entertain you, of course, but that goes without saying.)

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