Friday, March 21, 2014

First Friday of Spring!

I'm very glad that spring is here.  We're having our first cook-out of the year tomorrow and we played outside today.

However.  I'm very sad that Duke lost in the first round of the NCAA tournament today.  Surprised?  Not entirely.  But sad, yes.  Still love them, though.

So I kind of blew up Instagram this week.  I didn't even realize it until I got ready to do this post and counted up all the Instagrams.  So if you follow me on there, yeah, sorry about that.  haha  Got a little camera-happy.  Even more than usual.  But if you don't have Instagram, or a smart phone, or even a cell phone at all (hey dad!), then here you go, all in one spot!  You're welcome.

He spotted me in the mirror (after looking at himself for several minutes) and said, "Helllooooooooo!"

She sucks her thumb in her sleep.  I have never ever seen her do it while awake.

Raja's so sweet.  She's getting crushed by Piper, but still puts her little paw around Paxton and just kisses them over and over.  She's a good dog.  Even if she steals food.

Xander got a large piece of paper, cut it into two small pieces, glued them together, drew lines on the front and back, then asked me how to spell each word of this.  We mailed it to Caleb.  :)

I've been taking a lot of Xander-and-Piper trampoline pics lately, and I thought I'd show why I don't have any of Paxton.  Each day he gets on it longer and longer, but overall he's still a little scared when he bounces too much.  The kid likes routine, and being in control.

Xander figured out that I measure him every 6 months and one of those is his birthday, so that means the other time is his half- birthday!  So on St. Patrick's Day, he turned 5 1/2!

My Pax.  Cuddle buddy.  About once every hour or two, he backs up to me and I pull him into my lap.  He lays back, holds his cup in his mouth (not really drinking most of the time), and holds his blankie up to his left cheek.  Routine, routine, routine.

This one, on the other hand - she does something new every day.  Here she demonstrates the "jumping on the changing table" trick.

I LOVE this one.  I took it because I love how proud Paxton is when he's naked.  But then I looked back and saw Xander and Piper, and my goodness gracious, they kill me!

But here you see that it's not just a Piper/Xander thing - the boys love each other too.  Paxton yelled for Xander before he hopped out of the van.  Xander stopped and Pax pulled him in for a HUGE hug.  So sweet.

I really should have waited another day or two to take this, but this is the start of Piper's "black eye."  (I know, you can barely tell.  It was more visible in person!)

Just playing.  He's getting pretty good at puzzles.

This was a conversation with my pal Casey.  It's sad and true.

Have I told you about the planking?  Piper does this all the time.  Not just on the changing table, but anywhere she happens to be.  She's such a weirdo.

Gah, I know.  Adorable.

Speaking of adorable. . .

Out of the blue today Xander asked if he could wash windows for me.  Um. . . yes!

Piper, Piper, Piper.  Could you at least look ashamed when you do something you're not supposed to?  (This time she found Xander's half-empty juice box and poured it directly on her head.)

Do I even need to caption this?

Happy weekend, everyone!  I hope you get some spring weather!

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