Saturday, March 29, 2014

Crazy Thursday (and Instagrams)

I have to tell you about my day Thursday.  It was. . . interesting, in a word.

It started at 6:02am when Xander came in my room because he heard a "psssstttgggrrraaaroooowww" noise.  I told him he could get in bed with us, but he had to go back to sleep.  He did.  And we woke up at 8:18.  (His preschool starts at 8:30.)  He made us breakfast of frozen waffles and we got the twins up then all quickly ate and got on clothes and got him to preschool by 8:45.  Or so.

After dropping him off, me and the littles went to Walmart, where I had my very first experience being that mom.  The one with a child (Paxton) who is screaming and thrashing and pitching the biggest fit you've ever seen.  The one whom all of the old people are staring at and judging.  The one who only gets about 1/3 of the things on her list because she can't even think.  I thought that was the most embarrassing part of my day.

I was wrong.

So in the midst of the Walmart Meltdown, I had texted a friend about her little girl's upcoming birthday and what to get her.  I didn't see her reply text until we had left - where she was telling me not to get the thing that I got (because she's already receiving it).  So I called my friend and she said she was running by the store and she could pick up a toy her daughter has really been wanting and I could get it from her at preschool and pay her back.  Cool deal.

At noon, after Pax had calmed down of course, we go to pick up Xander.  I parked the car with the twins inside (the door to preschool is so very close and there are always lots of parents who watch my van for me).  I grabbed my keys, opened my door, and hit the "lock" button.  I then remembered that I needed to give my friend money, so I put down the keys so I could dig some cash out of my purse.  I found the cash, then hopped out and shut the door.  Immediately I realized - I never picked my keys back up.  They were now locked in my van.  As were 2 of my children.

I called my husband to see if his spare was on him and it was - 45 minutes away at his work.  So, I called the fire department.  My brother used to work for this department (he works in another city now), and he told me that they "don't really do that" anymore, but I thought maybe they would since there were small kids in the car.  They did.  Three extremely nice and gracious firemen came to my rescue - with lights and sirens on.  This excited Xander and other children in the parking lot.  I wish I could say the same for me.  In the end, though, they were just so very sweet and helpful and they were actually the guys who used to be on shift with my brother.  Unfortunately, when they got the van open, it triggered the alarm, which made Paxton LOSE IT again.  Because they are so kind or they like my brother or they felt sorry for me (I don't care which), the firemen did not turn in my name to DSS, but instead got 3 teddy bears out of their truck and gave them to my kids.  Xander muttered a weak, "Thank you;" Paxton shoved his away and shook his head "no," still screaming; and Piper looked at hers wide-eyed and lovingly, squealed happily, gave it a kiss and hug, then waved and said, "Bye!" to the firemen.  Flirt.

Whew.  Long morning.

So then we got home, I got Pax calmed down again, then I put the twins to nap in their cribs around 12:30.  By 1:00, I could hear that Piper was still giggling, so I looked on the nursery camera.  One of the screws in her crib had come out, so when she pushed against the rails, a crack appeared at the bottom between the mattress and the rails.  She could sit on the mattress and dangle her legs over, and her feet would hit the floor.  She could have easily slid out, but I just watched to see what she did.  She played with it and giggled and squealed and played some more.  Finally, around 2:00, she went to sleep.

It's hard to tell, but she's pushing on the crib and her little leg is poking out of the bottom.  Paxton is watching.

Meanwhile, my mother-in-law had texted to see if I wanted "a few hours to myself" while she watched the kids at her house.  Normally I would just stay with them because I never want to impose on anyone (especially when Paxton is having a bad day), but on this day?  I said "Yes!"  I had grand plans of pulling everything out of the playroom, cleaning the room top to bottom, then going through the toys and purging a lot of it.

I said we'd be over around 3:00, but of course the twins were still sleeping at that time.  Finally at 3:30, I just woke them up and took them over.  It takes 15 or so minutes to get there so by the time I unloaded and said bye, it was nearly 4:00.  I was supposed to be back by 5:00 (which was a self-imposed deadline, but still).  I ran by the grocery store on the way home and by the time I got home and unloaded everything it was already 4:35.  I had 10 minutes to do my play room overhaul.  So I called my mother-in-law and she said to take my time.  Through some miracle, my husband got home a bit early (around 5:00), and I was in the middle of mopping the play room floor while the living room was still covered in toys.  He went to get the kids and I got to finish up the job.

This is cheating since I hadn't put back any of the big stuff, but still - so clean!

They all came home and we fed the kids.  My parents then came, as they have a standing babysitting gig on Thursday nights so we can go to our small group Bible study.  The Bible study had actually been canceled for the week, but we took the opportunity to go have dinner with some friends and it was a much much needed break from my day.

When I finally went to bed that night, it felt like my day had been 72 hours long.  It wasn't totally horrible or anything - just crazy.  A crazy crazy day.

But anyway - now it's Saturday because last night our niece and nephew spent the night and instead of messing with this blog after the youngest 4 went to bed, I sat on the couch with my niece and watched a scary movie, as is our tradition.  And it was awesome.

I hope you guys are having a great weekend; here are most of the Instagrams from the week (one is still on my phone).  Enjoy!

Snow again.  Hopefully the last time this winter.

Oh you know, just hanging out with Captain America.  No big deal.

This happens as soon as Lucas gets home and sits down with them.

Licking peanut butter off of Xander's finger.  Kind of gross.  Kind of adorable.

These were supposed to be shortbread cookies with cinnamon frosting.  They quickly turned into shortbread crumbles with globs of frosting.  Which the dogs enjoyed while I chased Piper up the stairs.

I just thought they looked like the cutest little dudes sitting (way too close to the TV) and watching the Avengers.

Watching birdies

On Crazy Thursday, after the twins finally fell asleep, the Hulk picked a fight with me.  So we took it outside.  He won.

I actually didn't post this on IG, but just sent it to Lucas to show him how BIG Paxton looks.

My mini-me niece with Piper.  Warming up for our movie night with a little Frozen.
 I hope you guys can see that last one - it's a short video of Paxton doing a little car dancing.

See you next week!

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