Monday, March 24, 2014


Weekends are fun.  Weekends with friends, family, cook-outs, trampolines, perfect weather, and surprise visits from super heroes are fantastic.  I had one of those this past weekend.

My sister's birthday was Sunday and her family, our family, and our brother's family all gathered at our parents' house to hang out and eat.  Not sure why I didn't bring my camera, but I did get this one picture with my phone.  Captain America was nice enough to take off his mask while he ate.

Sharing ice cream cake

Saturday, though, I took pictures.  A few of our friends came over for a cook-out and a last-hangout-before-baby-comes for my friend Maria who is having a little girl soon!  Unfortunately, I didn't get pictures of the adults, but I got plenty of the kids!  The cute blonde is Maria's son (and almost big brother!) Isaac.

Paxton had a little picnic for one while he debated getting on the trampoline

This is Isaac.  We call him Slim.

This is Xander.  Best Big Bro

Paxton cooking

Here we go.  I figured out that Paxton really likes the trampoline if he gets to hold a giant bouncy ball while he's on there.  Also - Piper is super impressed by Slim here.


Piper likes to lay down and let the other kids bounce her.

More ball action

I think this one summed up trampoline time perfectly.  Xander running around.  Paxton hugging the ball.  Piper with wild static hair.  Slim playing with the twins.

Then the little ones got off and did some other things, like swing. . .

. . . while Lucas bounced Xander really high.

Piper got a turn on the swing too.

And Paxton showed Slim his mud sand table.

We chatted and ran after kids and ate delicious burgers and enjoyed the 72-degree weather.  It was a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

And - just because - here is a picture taken last week when Lucas was playing with the twins' hair in the bath.  You're welcome.

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