Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Deep Thoughts with Alexander James

I wish those of you who don't know Xander could know him.  And I wish those of you that do know him could see the side we see at home.  He is such a funny guy - without trying to be.  He asks some really deep questions sometimes.  And sometimes he's just silly.  He is so creative and such a thinker.

This week he was eating lunch with me while the twins were napping.  I could see him thinking and then he whispered to himself, "That's brilliant!"  He looked at me and said he now had a job.  He was going to sell pictures.  He then got out his paper and crayons and made 10 pictures.  Then the best part - he asked if he could use a basket and I said yes and asked why.  He said it was to collect all his money.

Then he sat in the front yard with his drawings and empty basket yelling "Pictures for sale!  Pictures for sale!  Each one two dollars!"  It didn't matter if no one was walking by or if a class of 7-year-olds on a field trip was walking by (yep - that happened).  It looked like it was going to rain, so to save his art (and his voice), I convinced him to come inside after about 25 minutes of this.  Not long after that, his wonderful preschool teacher stopped by and bought one of his pieces.  (It happened to be a depiction of many people in prison yelling "Help me.")  And later a friend of his stopped by to get one.  Her sister wanted one too, but they only had $2.00, so he said, "Well for you, just one dollar each."  What a guy.

Here's a video of the entrepreneur in our yard.

So hilarious.  And here are some recent deep thoughts.  Enjoy.

(After some ridiculous cuts by the Carolina Panthers, including our beloved Steve Smith, during which I pouted for a few days)
Xander:  Mommy, you shouldn't be sad.  After the big Super Bowl game, the guys can go play on different teams if they want.
Me:  Yeah, I know, but I really liked some of those players and I wanted them to stay on our team.
Xander, slapping me on the back:  Welp!  That's just how it goes!

Me, talking to my husband:  Hey, do you follow Jess on Instagram. . .
Xander, cutting in before my husband could respond:  I don't!  I don't even know what Instagram is!!

Xander:  Can I sit in the front seat?
Me:  No bub.  It's against the law.
Xander:  But I want everyone driving around to see me looking awesome!  I don't want to look awesome just for myself!

(Xander's preschool begins at 8:30am.  One morning he slept and slept and finally AT 8:30 I went to wake him.  He was not happy.)
Me:  Come on, son.  You have to get dressed.
Xander:  What?!  Why??  It's not time for school!
Me:  Yes it is, sweetie.  Let's go.
Xander:  I'm not going!  I don't like it!
Me:  You love school.
Xander:  Not school - this!  I can't just wake up and - BAM - go somewhere.  I haven't even had any time to myself!!!!

(Singing along to the Avengers, whose theme song says, "I was standing on my own/But now I'm not alone")
"I was standing in the hall!  But now I'm not no more!!!!"

(As I was putting him to bed)
Xander:  Do we have 4 waffles?
Me:  I think so. . .
Xander:  What WHAT??!!!  I'm making breakfast tomorrow!

(Looking at quarters)
Me:  Do you know who that man is?
Xander:  A president!
Me:  Yep!  Do you know his name?
Xander:  Rock Handsome!

Xander:  Hey, guess what I'm gonna be when I grow up!
Me (thinking):  Um....
Xander:  RICH!

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