Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Have you heard of GrooveBook? (Not an ad. For real.)

This is going to seem really weird, especially if you read blogs often.  Because a lot of times "mom blogs" have these posts where they're trying to sound all breezy and spontaneous, but it is VERY clearly just an advertisement for a product that they have been paid to do.  This is not that - for real.

I just really wanted to tell you guys about GrooveBook, because it's pretty cool.  So, basically it's an app for your smartphone that sends you prints of the pictures you take.  If you don't have a smartphone (hey Dad!), you don't need to read this post.  But if you do, and if you take pictures with it - you might want to check out GrooveBook.

My first GrooveBook

Although I'm trying to take more pictures with my nice camera, I still take a TON with my phone (like hundreds a week).  And I like keeping records of the everyday stuff, so I still keep photo albums, plus I put pictures in the kids' journals.  So I like to print not just the "good" pictures, but lots of pictures from my phone too.  And this is totally perfect for that.

So, here's how it works (in my feeble words, this isn't official wording or anything):
1.  You have to download the app, which is free.
2.  You open the app and after you enter basic information (which includes credit card number, which I'll get to), you get to a screen with two big buttons - "Review" and "Upload."
3.  You hit "Review" and it accesses all of the pictures on your phone.  From there, you check the ones you want printed.
4.  After you've checked all the good ones, you hit "Upload."

So - you do these steps and then once a month, the app "closes out" for the month (again, that's not the real terminology) and prints your pictures.  It will print 100 photos.  From what I understand, if you haven't uploaded 100 of them, it will print duplicates.  But I don't know for sure - I never have less than 100 per month.

Sorry for the terrible pictures.  I forgot to take them when I had good natural light today and my flash makes an awful glare.  So apparently yellow and blurry > glare from flash?  That was my thinking.

You can do the above steps just before your book is going to print, or, if you're like me, you can do it every few days because doing it just once a month would take forever.

Then - they mail you a book with 100 photos.  Each page is perforated so you can tear it out and have a true print for your photo album or journals or your giant stack of prints that you'll never, ever go through in your life.  (That last one is just my mom, though.)

Anyway - it's $2.99 per month - and that is shipped and everything.  That's about $.03 a print, which is crazy cheap.

Now, the quality?  Well, here's the thing - these are phone pictures.  So, if you usually don't print pictures from your phone, you may be disappointed.  They are not as good as pictures taken with a normal camera.  Especially the ones that don't look good on your phone - they're not going to look great on a print, either.  BUT - if you are like me and print them anyway, typically paying $.15-.50 per print, then this is a heck of a deal.  I'd say the actual prints are about the same quality as drug store prints.  Not as good as, say Mpix (which I still use for all of my pictures taken on the "real" camera), but I'm telling you - you can't beat the price if you want the pictures from your phone actually printed.

Here's one with the flash on (the glare is covering Piper's head).  See how the date/time taken is at the top?  I think that's pretty nifty.

OH!  And you can get the first month free to see if you like it.  Now - if you don't like it, you'll have to cancel your subscription because GrooveBook will automatically print your pictures each month and charge you the $2.99.  You can either Google a code for your first free one or use BRUCH15.  (Note:  This code does not help me in any way.  No, really.  It doesn't.)

So anyway - this was supposed to be a short post to just let my friends know about this service.

It got weird, didn't it?

I really promise I'm not gaining from this and I have no reason to lie to you.  I just think it's really cool.  Over and out.


  1. I'm so doing this!! ~Maria

  2. I saw the people who came up with this on Shark Tank!

    1. Yeah, I heard that's where it started! I've never actually seen the show, but good for them! It's a fantastic idea.