Friday, April 18, 2014

Insta Friday time

We have had a pretty good week.  No locked keys in cars!!  And yesterday my dear friend from college came and stayed the night and we stayed up late and just talked and caught up and it was great.  Then today after a few hours of cleaning (we had 2 house showings!), we went to Boone to see another quality college friend and her baby.  On the way I even got to stop at the hospital and meet yet another new baby - just born yesterday.  We stayed in Boone most of the day and when I got home I loaded up the kids and we all went to a cook-out with our small group friends.  Great start to our 3-day weekend, I'd say.

I love these girls

And now, I'm tired from staying up too late last night, so enough chatting.  Here are the Instagrams from the week!

Xander calls himself and Paxton the "Macaroni Brothers" now (after he fed Pax some macaroni and they both giggled the whole time).  The other day they were wrestling and I teased them and laughed and said, "Why in the world are you guys wrestling?!" and Xander answered, "Because we're the Macaroni Brothers of course!" Well of course.

They love when Mimi visits because she really PLAYS.

Paxton wanted to sit by himself.  Piper didn't care.

At a birthday celebration for my cousin and grandfather (combined party - my cousin is not also my grandfather), Paxton knew the BEST place to hang out.

She doesn't need help anymore, but they both love this.

Harper Louise!  Most chill baby ever.  And her "big brother" Duke is pretty sweet too.

The last one is a little video I put on Instagram of Paxton's bath song.  Enjoy, and have a GREAT Easter weekend!

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