Friday, April 4, 2014

Insta Friday

So, guess what?  My keys got locked in my van again.  On Thursday again.  Luckily this time, my kids were not in there.  Lucas moved my van on Wednesday evening and locked it when he got out.  Because that's what normal people do.  But me?  I leave my keys in the car so I'll know where they are.  So - he locked my keys in my car.  Unfortunately I did not realize this until me and the kids were standing in the rain on Thursday morning, trying to get into the van so we could take Xander to school.  Instead, my mom came and got him on her "break" from work (I'm not sure if she gets an actual break or just leaves whenever I need her to) and took him there, then a good friend brought him home.  We spent the rest of the day at home because we had no choice, but we had no big plans anyway.  Still - I think it's time to get a third key for the van.

But that aside, this week has been GREAT because, thank you Jesus, there has been sunshine!  We've gone outside to play every day this week, including Thursday when it stopped raining, even though it was muddy.  We aren't scared of mud (especially Piper).  It has been great to get outside and run around and jump and swing and slide.  Oh, and now Piper can climb up the ladder and go down the twisty slide all by herself.  Evidence:

Paxton will go halfway up the ladder, then yell for me to come stand behind him while he gets to the top.  But he still won't go down the slide.  It's okay to be cautious, Pax.  Maybe we won't make a lot of trips to the ER with you.  Piper, though?  I'm just waiting for the first stitches.

Anyhoo - here are my Instagrams from the week.  (Except 2 that I didn't put a filter on, so my phone didn't save them as Instagrams.  I would normally crop the original and include them anyway, but I just switched over to a Mac and I'm barely putting this post together, so I'm not tackling cropping/editing pictures just yet.)  Excuse the outdoor overload.  I was really, really excited to be outside.

Happy weekend, everyone!

Little Piper kicks her shoes off as soon as we get outside.  Can't blame her one bit.

Xander and his next-door neighbor, Jalen.  They hang out almost every afternoon.

I thought it was so cute how Paxton kept playing with this truck.  Then I discovered the back was full of water.  It's still cute though.  Just cute and messy.

Xander and his cousins Kate and Riley, in their great-Pappy's new chair - which vibrates.  Total hit.

This was how I found Xander and his cousin Caleb during last Friday night's sleepover.  Check out Xander's right leg - how do you sleep like that?

They love that the windows have been open this week.  They yell at the dogs.  You should hear Piper yell "RAJA!"

I found this on Paxton's plate after lunch (of meatloaf and mashed potatoes) and I immediately thought of Randy on A Christmas Story.  You know where he sticks the fork straight up in his mashed potatoes and molds them to the handle of the fork?  Anyone?  He says, "Meatloaf meatloaf double beetloaf.  I HATE meatloaf."  Anyone out there with me?

Explorer Paxton

Xander was crazy when he got in the van from preschool today.  Paxton was super entertained by this.  Piper, clearly, was not interested in it.

Oh man, this cracked me up.  I saw Pax grab Piper's milk (his was gone and he knows he gets water next), then slowly covered his entire head and drank it - "hiding" from me so I wouldn't see.  I was dying.

I tried to combine some outside pictures so I wouldn't keep over-gramming.  I love how Xander wants to help Piper slide and how totally chill Pax was on the trampoline that day.

Love this kid.

Grapes.  Always.  Every day.  I buy a few bags of grapes each week.

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  1. You know that I am with you on the mashed potato fork! I love it! I love all the pictures, but especially the one with Paxton "hiding" while he drank Piper's milk! HAHAHHAHAHAA!!!! :)