Sunday, April 13, 2014

Instagrams - a bit late

We have been outside almost every day (except rain early on) this week.  AND I LOVE IT.  I'm going to go ahead and let you know - I'm not one of those "Don't complain about cold and then complain about heat" people.  I'll probably be complaining about the 90-degree days in mid-July.  But not yet.  Right now pink skin and slathering on sunscreen are quite all right.  Love it.

In fact, I was so tired Friday from all the playing that I just didn't get around to posting.  I started this post Saturday afternoon during the twins' nap, but then Xander built an obstacle course for me outside, so it had to wait.  Then last night our dryer died, so I had to finish laundry at the neighbor's house (thank goodness for neighbors that are friends), and by the time the kids were in bed and laundry was (mostly) put away, I just didn't want to open my computer.  Perils of being a non-techie.

But alas - it is now Sunday afternoon and my oldest is at a family birthday celebration (where we will be also when the twins wake up) and my husband is at the grocery store, so I thought it was time to finish this.  Without further ado, here are the Instagrams from this week.

We go and visit my grandparents fairly often.  Here Paxton and his Granny (his great granny really, but just "Granny,") are checking out the garden.

The other day the weather was exceptionally perfect, so after dinner we went BACK outside to play some more.  Since Lucas was home from work, he decided to teach Xander a few tricks.  I think he's still working on this one.

Oh, these two.  I'm in my room putting away laundry and getting ready and they were in there playing.  Then I start hearing "Mommy!  MOMMY!  MAAAHH-MEEEEEE!"  And I walk in my bathroom and find this - they shut themselves in my shower.  (Naturally I take a picture before helping.)  See Piper's little fist?  She's knocking so I'll open the door.

My dad is a barber, and this is the recently-renovated barber shop where he works.  Well, one wall of it anyway.  I thought Piper looked pretty cool here.

And this is why we were at the barber shop - big boy hair!  Paxton had his first haircut.  It didn't go super smoothly, but my dad got the job done.  He's such a little man now.

Last weekend I put the twins down for nap and almost immediately Paxton started crying hard.  I looked on the monitor and saw he dropped his blankie, so I asked Xander to run up and give it back to him.  Then Xander did this.  So sweet.

Pretty girl

Xander had Pirate Day at preschool.  He refused to smile for this picture and instead kept saying "Arrrrrrr."

Warm weather!

Paxton officially likes the trampoline now - especially when he tackles his big brother.

Have a great week! 

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