Saturday, April 26, 2014

Weekend Fun

I meant to post my Instagrams on Thursday night, but I just had way too much happening.  (Like one of my very best friends having her baby girl - in a wheelchair in the hallway of the hospital!)  So you'll have to wait, because now we are out of town visiting family and I'm posting this from my phone.

So far we've had a good trip; the 5-hour drive went better than I expected.  When we got here, Xander said he wanted to sleep in a bed and have the twins sleep in their pack-n-plays in the same room.  I said okay and told him time and again how he'll have to go right to sleep at bedtime because they'll already be asleep in there.  He did.

However.  I did not anticipate Xander waking up at 2am and deciding to wake Paxton up and play with him.  I whispered from the hallway for him to stop and go back to sleep.  He didn't stop.  So I woke Lucas up and made him go in there.  When he left, Pax launched into a 20-minute banchee-scream-cry because he wanted to get up.  (Piper slept through all of this.)

I remember looking at the clock when I was finally drifting to sleep again - 2:41.  Then Xander woke me up because he needed water.  2:49.

After that, me and Xander went to a different room to sleep.

But now we're (somewhat) rested and ready for a fun day!  I'll post pictures when we get back.  (I just tried to post a few and my phone isn't cooperating.)  Happy weekend!

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