Friday, May 23, 2014

Insta Birthday

Oh hey - it's my birthday!  But first - yesterday was the birthday of my most loyal blog reader - my dad.  And it happened to be his 60th birthday, so although he doesn't want a big fuss made (and actually spent his birthday evening watching my kids so I could go to small group) I wanted to say "Happy birthday" here on the blog.  And show you this picture (which I did share on Instagram and Facebook yesterday):

I actually have this in a collage frame in my house, which is the reason for the oval, well, framing.  But anyway - this was my dad probably about 35 years ago, sporting a sweet haircut and paving the way for his future grandson to wear knee-high white socks and look totally awesome.

And now for the Instagrams from the week.  They're out of order (of date taken), but whatever.  We'll roll with it.

This girl.  She's just a mess.  A MESS.  After I took this picture, I verbally told her to get out, but went to put Pax in a swing and push him a couple times.  When I walked back to check on her, less than 60 seconds later, she had covered herself in dirt.  Head to toe - no exaggeration.  I was too shocked to take a picture, but trust me.  When Lucas saw her, he said, "Is she getting tan?"  Nope.  She's getting dirty.

I have twins.  They are cute.  (Big brother was at preschool, but he has the same shirt as Pax.  We wouldn't leave him out.)

So this whole week the kids have had runny noses and varying degrees of a cough.  Lucas had all of that, but also a fever and a sore throat, so he was home a few days this week.  So we laid low and did things like wash couch cushions, then flip the couch on it's front and make an epic cave/tent.

The twins have been waking up earlier than usual, which means earlier than Xander.  This day they didn't want to wait on him, so they just went and got him up.  Xander was SO excited and sweet and just laughed and played with them immediately.  (I would not have been so gracious.)  He's the best.

Yesterday morning the twins were playing quietly in the play room, so I got the insane notion that I could sneak downstairs and throw a load of clothes in the wash unnoticed.  I was wrong.  They followed me down, then snuck out the doggie door and ran around outside.  So - I followed them and we played for an hour.

This little guy just melts my heart.  He's really a sweetheart.  And he looks great in a hat.

One of my very best friends in the world had a baby girl about a month ago and I had YET to see her until this week.  And my friend actually made the 90-minute (one-way!) trip to come see ME!  What the heck?  She's the best.  Well, maybe her baby Brooklyn is the best.  At least according to Piper.

Raja tries to slowly get onto the couch by putting her paw on you, then her leg, then both legs, then her upper body, then she just jumps up.  Most people push her off after the first paw.  Not Xander.  She's his lap dog.

This kid is SO fancy.  I love him.

They crack me up.  Piper put these glasses on and just did her thing, running around playing, and couldn't care less about them.  Paxton, however, wanted to look at himself (on my camera phone), and he just stared and stared.  It was hilarious.

This was last Saturday morning, in the 5 minutes that they sat (relatively) still and watched Frozen.  They just so very rarely sit still beside each other, so I wanted to document it.

That's it for this week's Instagram pictures.  Now as for general blogging stuff. . .

So you guys know how I've been wanting to take more pictures with my SLR, right?  Well, I haven't been really.  But I think I know a way that would help that - starting another Project 365.  This is where you take at least one picture every day for a year.  Then I would post here much more frequently - probably not every day, but maybe close to that? - and just write a little about our day and post the photo (or two or three, let's be honest).  What do you guys think about that?  I'm afraid it may be dreadfully boring, but then again, I live with Piper, so nothing's ever too boring, really.  Maybe it will be fun!

But for now, I'm going to go get my little girl out of her crib, where she has been talking and laughing (but not napping) for over an hour now, all while her twin brother snoozes less than 2 feet away.  They're crazy.

Hope you guys have a great weekend!

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  1. I for one, would love another 365 project!! Go for it!! I love looking at all of the wonderful pictures of my grandchildren! I love seeing what is going on with them during the day and you write the best captions!! I am very proud of you, Megan!! I love your artistic abilities and am so glad you got all of them from your Dad and not me! Love you!! :)