Friday, May 9, 2014

Insta Friday

Happy Mother's Day weekend to you all!  You know - Xander and I made some gifts for some of the mothers in our family, and I had to look up the official punctuation for this holiday.  Because really, I feel like it should be Mothers' Day.  It should be for all mothers.  But no - it's Mother's Day.  Because apparently it's just for your mother.  Which is lame.  But what are you gonna do?

Onto pictures!

Piper has started to really love babies.  Both in doll form and real humans.  Well, and animals.  She saw a small dog this weekend and squealed and yelled, "BABY!"  So yeah - all babies.  She was fascinated with poor Zeke when he came to visit.  Luckily he has an older brother about her age, so he's used to getting poked and gently smacked with excitement.

Piper loves veggies, so it was no surprise that she was crazy about salsa (on cinco de mayo).  She ate 3 bowls of it and got crazy eyes if anyone pretended to take a bite.

Last Saturday morning while Lucas ran a 5K, me and my mom took the kids to the annual Butterfly Festival in my hometown.  It sounds much more magical than it actually is, but we still have fun every year.

Xander can do monkey bars all by himself now.  Piper almost can too.  (Not really, but I wouldn't put it past her to figure out how.)

Piper was a cuddle bug last Sunday!  She did not want me to put her down all morning.  So I didn't much.

It got HOT this week.  Like temps in the 90s.  So we got out the kiddie pool and ran around without clothes on.  Well, the kids did.  I debated it.

Good ol' Bosco.  Trying to nurse Ilene back to health.  (I'm sorry to say after several surgery attempts, she didn't make it.)

I didn't actually post this one on my Instagram feed because I think people are tired of seeing my sleeping children.  But I'm not tired of it, so I sent this one directly to Lucas.  And now I'm showing you.  You're welcome.

This is my grandfather at his house.  He is one of the very sweetest men I know and he absolutely adores these kids.

So while Piper is getting more and more attached to me, Paxton is relying on Xander for some of his cuddles.  Xander doesn't seem to mind.

This is Xander (center) and his cousin Caleb (second from left), at Caleb's birthday party.  Xander spent the night and the next day with him, too.  He had so much fun and his favorite part of the whole time was "telling poo poo jokes."  Ah, boys!

Paxton got to play with a few bubbles at the party before we left.

And here's my favorite of the week.  Paxton brought Chief Barechest with him to the window and carefully sat him up there - facing out - and proceeded to look around at the outdoors and "talk" about what he saw.  He even picked up the figurine a few times and talked directly to him, then sat him back down so he could see outside.  It was incredible.  Paxton never stops surprising me.  I love it.

That's all for me this week.  I hope everyone has a great weekend!

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