Friday, May 16, 2014


Hello everyone!  My husband is home!  You may not have realized he was gone - he was.  He left Sunday morning for a work trip.  I am weird about telling people that my husband is away.  I really am not a very cautious person in general - I leave my doors unlocked and mostly just trust people, even though I shouldn't.  In fact - I remember once we were on a winter retreat youth trip - when I was a leader - and me and two of the girls ran to a convenience store to grab something.  There was a {creepy?} old man in there and he noticed our church van and asked what we were doing.  I proceeded to not only tell him exactly where and for how long we were staying, but also point the direction to our cabin, all the while the girls were giving me this wide-eyed "What the heck are you doing?!?" face.

But I digress.

My point is - I tell strangers things like this, but I can't post "My husband is gone for the week."  I just don't like everyone knowing when I'm here alone with the kids.  That's weird, huh?

It seems we are busier when Lucas is away.  I'm not sure if I unconsciously fill my time, or I'm just twenty times more tired, so it seems like I'm busier.  Either way, we had a great week.  Even with the Ointment Ordeal - where Piper got elbow-deep in a tub of Zinc Oxide ointment.  I'm telling you - that stuff is HARD to get out of hair and off of glass.  That girl. . .

And now - here are my Instagrams!

Last Saturday we went to Tweetsie Railroad, even though it was calling for rain.  We got in several hours of fun, then it started raining on us while we were on the Tilt-A-Whirl.  And it was actually awesome.  We were both belly-laughing.

Here we are before the rain started.  We pretty much had this train car to ourselves - the park was nearly empty.  I love the threat of rain at amusement parks!

This was us on Mother's Day.  Typical.

Piper and Paxton think they get to be big kids all of a sudden. 

This one wasn't on my Instagram feed because I sent it as a private message to Lucas.  I felt it was too blurry to post.  But good grief, how cute is Piper in my hat?

This moment made me laugh.  Both of the boys slept in and had just gotten up.  I threw a bowl of cereal in front of them (after getting Pax dressed and asking Xander to do the same), and Xander hadn't said a word all morning.  As he once told me, he's "just not a morning kid."  I got out my phone to take a picture of him reading, and Paxton yelled "CHEESE!" and made this face.  Yep - he's a morning kid.

My girl.  Relaxing with some popcorn.  Which she dumped out of the bowl because obviously it's more fun to eat off the floor.

You guys - so we were at Lucas's mom's house and the kids were playing in the bathroom, where they found a stink bug.  I picked up the bug and flushed it.  Well they raced over to the toilet to find their friend.  They kept asking "Bug?  Bug?  BUG?" and gave me these looks.  They were not happy about him being gone.

This is another I didn't post for everyone to see - just sent it to Lucas.  I thought maybe Piper would want to potty if I gave her a balloon to hold.  Still no "using" the potty, but she sure did have fun with that balloon!

Me and Xander went to Tweetsie for the second time in a week!  We went with his buddy Rylei and her family to Letterland Day.  We had a great time, and Rylei's mom was nice enough to get on the free-fall ride with them because I'll ride the spin-you-around rides all day, but I'm always calling "Not it" on that one.

This was taken at a friend's house and I only posted it because I can't believe the twins are on real "big kid" swings, just playing right alongside their big brother.  Unreal.

Oh, and here is the Ointment Ordeal.  I'm serious you guys - it was even messier than it looks.  THE hardest-to-clean mess any of my kids have ever made.

And here is the result of the above escapade.  His hair had been washed 3 times at this point.  No - that's not gel.  Just THAT much ointment in there.

We have a fun weekend with family ahead of us.  In fact, Xander is spending the night with 3 of his cousins right now and I'm sure he's having a blast.

Hope you guys are having a good weekend too!  If you aren't, just remember - at least you don't have diaper rash ointment stuck in your hair.  That's a plus.

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