Friday, May 2, 2014

Insta Whenever

I'm starting this post on Friday night, but I'm not sure I'll finish.  I've been trying to get to bed earlier and I was really hoping to tonight.  But even if I finish on a Friday, this is two weeks' worth, so - whatever.  Whenever.  Insta Whenever.

I think I'm delirious.

So this week I planned on blogging a couple times.  I also planned on cleaning the house really well, including purging a bunch of stuff.  I also planned on making dinner every night.  Um. . . yeah.  I'm blaming the rain for putting me in a lazy funk.

Oh man - Blame it on the raaaaiiin, yeah yeahhhhh.  Blame it on the staaaars, that shine at night!  I totally loved that song.  And I was totally bummed to find out that Rob and Fab weren't really singing those songs.  Yes, I remember the names of the singers in Milli Vanilli.  Actually, I remember the names of the fake singers in Milli Vanilli, nearly 25 years later.  I can't seem to remember to send my son with the right item on share day at preschool or what type of waffles my family prefers (home style or buttermilk?  I still don't know).  But Rob and Fab?  Yes.  I know their names.

Wait, what was I talking about? 

Let's just get to the Instagrams from the past 2 weeks.

Just watching Scooby Doo like totally normal siblings.  Right?

He needed more ketchup.

This is at our friend Evan's house.  This is Evan's backyard where Evan's dogs live.  You would think we took them to see some rare wildlife in the African jungle.  They were so excited.

Macaroni Wrestling, as Xander calls this now.

I left my purse on the dining room table and went to put away dishes from breakfast.  I came out 10 seconds later to this.

This is what Paxton did as soon as we got home from our 3-day weekend trip.

On the way home from said trip, we stopped for some donuts.  Piper flipped out and wouldn't sit still (shocking, I know), but Pax just sat in his chair like a big boy.  Just hanging out with his brother, eating a donut.

Hard at work

Kindergarten Screening!  Even though I've had an "extra" year with him (he'll be nearly 6 when he starts), I still can't believe this is happening.

This was at a little park we went to on our visit with Lucas's grandmother in Georgia.

This is one wall in his grandmother's house.  All of her walls are like this.  At one point, Lucas looked around and said to me, "Our house is going to end up like this one day, isn't it?"  I just smiled.  Because yes it is.  I LOVE framed pictures.  Love them.

These pictures seem to be in reverse order - this was on our way to Georgia.  We broke up the 5-hour drive by meeting our friends (that we see far too infrequently) at a park!  Short, but very fun pit stop.

I decided to take the baby gate down, since Adventure Girl could get around it anyway.  I'm not sure what I was thinking.  Now they constantly go upstairs and mess things up, while simultaneously giving me a heart attack by jumping/dancing/leaning/acting like gymnasts on the stairs.

Half of these children are mine, and the others are their cousins, two of which have lived in Hawaii for years, but have now moved much closer!  It was good to see them last week.  Even though they were a blur the whole time.

This was before I removed the gate.  She was trying to sneak, but got busted when she knocked this frame - which knocked another frame. 

Comtemplating how best to take advantage of the gorgeous weather. 

Me and my Piper.  I love her laugh.

I mean - look at that face.  Is there any doubt that she's a trouble maker?  (Albeit an adorable one.)

This.  Oh man.  So Xander got dressed and came out of his room and I noticed his shorts looked a bit short.  I thought maybe I had left a pair of 4Ts in his drawer from last year, so I asked him if they felt okay.  Yes, they felt fine.  You sure?  Yep.  Not too tight?  Nope.  Can I check anyway?  Okay.  Um. . . these are Paxton's.  Size 24 months!!  We both died laughing. 

Piper loves the motorcycle.  Because - of course she does.  *sigh*  (And I realize this is not an actual Instagram, but it didn't save as a square because I didn't use a filter.  So instead of copying the original then cropping the copy, I'm just giving you the whole picture.)

Lucas moved the camera so we can see the twins better now.  I take their picture at least twice a night, I think.  It's so stinking cute to watch them.

Paxton has learned that Xander is starting to read, and now he'll bring him books (instead of bringing them to me).  It's really sweet. 

I hope you can see that last video and it makes you "Happy."

Oy.  I need to go to bed.

Good night, friends!

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