Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Day

Today was Memorial Day.  It still is, actually.  For 2 more hours.  It was a good day.  We spent the afternoon with family hanging out where my brother and his wife live, and I will tell you about it in pictures.  Lots of pictures.  (I took 408, but deleted until I got to 232.  Not bad, really.  But I won't post them all on here.  Only about 10% of them.)  Also - they didn't upload in order, so this is just a jumble of pictures from the afternoon.

This is my mother's mother, with her daughter's daughter's daughter.  And son.  And other son in the background.

Mimi (my mom) is always finding - and explaining - animals.  I remember MANY times in my childhood when we would suddenly stop the car to pick up a box turtle.  We'd take him (her?) home and make a habitat out of a cardboard box and jar lid (for water).  Then we'd put him back in the woods a few hours later.

I heard there was supposed to be a serious corn hole game, but I'm not sure it happened.  If it did - this was it.  (This is my sister-in-law, Caitlin, and Lucas.)

Gorgeous house, and I love this porch.  And these kids.

Piper is getting a couple curls in the back!  This is the best shot I've gotten of them so far.

Pretty girl

The twins were really good, but kept wanting to run down the (long) driveway.

A close-up of our turtle friends.  (They crawled into the woods/creek a few minutes later.)

This butterfly was wounded, and seemed to like Xander.  It crawled all over him - including his neck, which was apparently very ticklish.

Mimi took the twins on an adventure in the woods.  This is them coming back out.

Another pathway to explore

My brother, Daniel, took Xander on a 4-wheeler ride.  He let Xander control the gas at one point, and he turned it wide open.  This was that moment.  Daniel is taking back control, and Xander is scared to death.  Hilarious.

Part of the gang heading down the hill to get in the creek

This is my dad's mother and my brother's wife's sister's baby.  It's sounds extremely confusing, but it's not in real life.  We're all family, basically.

My dad, Big Papa, manning one of the grills

Another shot of my brother (and Xander) and the gorgeous land they live on.  I love it.

The creek was way cold, but the kids either didn't think so or wanted to prove to each other that they didn't think so.  This is Xander and his cousin Kate.

And here is my husband, the twins, and my mom again - this time she's finding a crawdad and showing it to them.  Seriously - this is just how she is.

My Granny decided she wanted to ride on the 4-wheeler too.  She liked it.

And what's a family get-together without some kid-tossing?  Here's Paxton. . .

. . . and here's Piper

They love cats.  LOVE them.  They chased this poor thing around yelling "Kitty Kitty!" (which really sounds like "Kiki" to be honest).

Piper's first ride on the 4-wheeler!  (Also?  Same face.)

Piper decided she was ready to go, and went up the hill to the house again.

Checking out the injured butterfly.  I love their intensity.

I'm not actually sure what was happening here, but it's cute!

That's all for the day!  I hope each of you had a great Memorial Day.  I have a busy week ahead of me, but then it's smooth sailing (hopefully) for the summer!

Thanks for reading/looking at my pictures!

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  1. These are great pictures and this really was a wonderful day with the family. You captured it really well, Megan!!