Tuesday, May 27, 2014


This week is Xander's last in preschool.  Then Kindergarten.  But first - summer!

Can you tell Piper likes to say "Cheese!"?

We're already acting like it's summer, which means different things to each of us.  For Xander, it means less clothes.  He rarely wears a shirt if we're home.  In fact, one day last week when I picked him up at preschool, he took his shirt off before we even got to the car.  

For Paxton and Piper, it means we get to play outside a lot.  Piper says, "Side?  Side?" all the time.  And Paxton is always handing me his shoes and when I put them on him, he stands at the door staring at me.  I guess he thinks if I see him standing there, I'll remember that outside is really awesome and we should go.  Now.

Too bright!

Oh, and side note:  Paxton has started breaking out in a rash when I put sunscreen on him.  I've tried three different kinds and they've all done it.  Anyone have this problem with your kids?  What did you do?

Please help me!

Aside from the sunscreen allergy, we're having a blast outside.  We don't even have to go to the park because our back yard is pretty great.  We have swings, a slide, a trampoline, a play house, and a lot of room to run - I mean, what more could you need?  (Xander says a pool.  "Like a big pool.  An adult pool.  Or at least a teenager pool.")

And the running around outside, combined with getting very close to the dogs. . .

. . . means more baths in the summer.

Not that they mind.

So there's what we've been up to the last couple of weeks, and probably what we'll be doing for the next few months, too.  I'll keep you posted. 

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