Tuesday, June 3, 2014


Paxton and Piper are 2.

They are so fun.  And energetic.  And sweet.

As you may know, I write in journals for each of my kids and I went back and read a bit from each of the twins' from this time a year ago, as they turned a year old.

I described Paxton as "cautious," "sensitive," and "sweet."  I would say all of those still apply.  He scopes out the situation before he takes action (usually).  And he gets upset if someone else is hurt or sad.  But he has changed a lot in the past year, too.  He has opened up quite a bit, both to experiences and people.  He loves to put things in and out of containers, or opening and closing doors.  He figures out how things work, and I think that includes people.  He's an observer.  And, yes, still a cuddler.  He's still my sweetheart that gives giant hugs - especially to his big brother.

In Piper's journal, I wrote that she was "beautiful, "a daredevil," "fast," "tough," and "MY girl."  Um. . . check, check, check, check, and check.  She is still the prettiest little girl I've ever seen.  And definitely a fast little daredevil.  She bounds into things head-first with no regard to her own safety.  Which leads to her being tough.  She has new bumps and bruises nearly every day and I don't know how they happened because she doesn't cry about it.  But she will cry - hard - if she thinks I'm leaving her.  Even just to run downstairs and do laundry.  The girl loves her mama.  But in addition to all her craziness, she really is a sweet girl.  She loves babies and animals and every now and then she'll snuggle up in your lap or give you a big kiss.

They both adore their big brother, and the feeling is mutual.  Yesterday we had to run to Walmart and Xander begged to get them each a birthday gift.  I explained that we had something for them, but he wanted to pick something so that it was from HIM.  So I told him he could spend $5 on each of them, and he picked out 2 things for each.  He wrapped them himself and was so excited to give them to his brother and sister.  In addition to that, he also found a bunch of toys he didn't want anymore and wrapped them up and gave them to them throughout the day.  These toys included, but aren't limited to, small cars, books, stuffed animals, and balls.  I'm so thankful for the sibling love between all 3 of these kids and pray it continues throughout their lives.

I could never write enough to fully describe these blessings.  I love all the little things, like the way Paxton will say "NO" all day long, but I've never heard him say "yes," - instead, he raises his eyebrows and nods his head.  Or the way he raises his little fists, shakes his arms, and nods his head when he hears music.  I love how Piper will know she's doing something wrong, and as you walk toward her, she covers her bottom with her hands and runs away giggling, taking her tiny, quick, pixie steps.  Or how - for no reason at all - she'll just lay face-down, hands by her side, and be completely still for a few beats, then busts out laughing.

About 2 years and a day ago, I would have doubted that the crazy pregnancy would have been worth it.  But now that just seems ridiculous, because it so was.  I love these kids so stinking much, and I can't wait to continue to see how they grow and change each day.

Happy birthday, my Paxton and Piper!

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