Friday, June 27, 2014

Big Kids

Yesterday I put the twins down for a nap (upstairs, in their nursery) and I went to the kitchen to make myself lunch.  And I heard the pitter patter of Piper's tiny steps.  I walked to the stairs and looked up at their door . . . yep, a little face peeked out and grinned at me.

So I went upstairs and put her back in her crib and told her to stay there and take a nap.  Then I went downstairs and pulled up the feed on the camera in their room.  Immediately she did it again.  I repeated my steps.  The third time, though, she lost her footing and went head-first, catching herself at the last minute, which left her stuck on the top of the crib - head toward the floor and feet dangling in the air.  I ran up and luckily that scared her enough so that she didn't try again and she went to sleep.  But when she woke up?  Yep - out of the crib again.  So it was time for toddler beds.

Now here's another fun fact about me - I will often get an idea and just immediately run with it.  In this case, even though I knew Lucas wasn't going to be around last night, I went down to the basement and made about a dozen trips up 2 flights of stairs with all the pieces to Xander's old Thomas toddler bed.  I then assembled it, moved Paxton's crib out of the nursery, and called my sister to tell her I was coming to get the toddler bed she had saved for me at her house.  Her husband "helped" me (really, he just did it) put it in my van and then I realized - I can't get this thing out and up the stairs to their room by myself.  But I can't let Piper sleep in a crib if Paxton has a bed.  Hmmmmm.  Luckily, we have fantastic, helpful friends from church and I called one of them and asked for help, and he gladly came and helped me haul the bed upstairs.

So - just like that - Wednesday was the last night the twins slept in cribs.  Oddly, I decided to take a picture even though I had no idea that was their last night.

So last night.  It started with me and Xander taking them upstairs around 8:00 and reading them a few books.  We left their room about 8:10 or so.  Here's how the night progressed.

This is just to show you the rough set-up of the room.  The camera is above the recliner (so you will understand the orientation of the cam pictures).
8:24pm (two images put together - I was hopeful here!)








So Paxton finally fell asleep around 10:00, and Piper gave up and fell asleep - beside him - around 10 after.  When I went to bed at almost 11:00, she was still snoozing beside him.  But when I checked them when I woke up this morning around 6:15, they were sleeping in their own beds.  So at some point she got up and went to her own bed.

So now it's naptime and it took them nearly 2 hours to go to sleep.  Here's a (shorter) progression of what happened.

Piper started by opening all the blinds so it was super bright in there.

Then they moved to the dresser, pulling out a ton of clothes

A little rolling cars on the book shelves while Piper decides what to destroy next

Reading books and flipping over the end of the bed - which is now moved out from the wall

Peek-a-boo in the closet
One hour and 45 minutes later - asleep.  One on the floor, but whatever.  Asleep.

I remember when we moved Xander to a toddler bed.  I said, "Now, this is a big boy bed.  Big boys go to sleep without getting up, okay?"  He said, "Okay!" and went right to sleep.  Just like that. 

I love how kids - even in the same family - are each so different.  SO. . . very. . . different.

No, really.  I do love it.  And this is actually fun for me.  I like big stuff like this and I'm excited to clear out the cribs as we slowly move out of the "baby" stage.  Up next - potty training!

Or not.  We'll see how that goes.

Have a great weekend, friends!

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