Friday, June 20, 2014

Changing it up

So, at least for a while, I'm going to stop doing Insta Friday, where I show all of my Instagrams from the past week.  The reason is, mostly, since I'm trying to take more pictures with my actual camera, I'm taking less with my phone.  And sometimes I just get this withdrawal and I'm like, "I NEED to post a picture on Instagram!"  So I go through my pictures on my phone and just post one.  And it's not very good.

So - while I work through my addiction - I'll just add some of my favorite Instagram pictures here and there, but basically stick with this Seinfeld-esque "blog about nothing" thing I've got going here.  Cool with you?  Doesn't matter.  I'm doing it anyway.  HA!

So, the past few days have been a tad busy with different things, but although I'm doing better about using my camera at home, I still haven't gotten back to the second-nature of grabbing it while I'm heading out the door.  I'm too concerned with 3 children, diaper bag, cups, wallet, and keys.  And my phone.  (Lucas gets mad when I leave it at home.)  So - I don't have pictures of that stuff.  I have pictures of us at home.  But that will have to do!

This was sweet.  A rare moment of all 3 working together on something.  The twins were handing the blocks to Xander for him to stack.

Then Paxton handed Xander a milk jug from the recycling. . .

. . . which totally cracked him up.
When Lucas came home, he, Piper, and Xander continued to make the tower. . .
. . . and Paxton entertained himself.  And me, actually.
Please look at that cutie pie face and ignore the leprosy (poison ivy - same thing) on my husband's arm

Mini muffins on a mini table.  I had to take a picture.

Xander and I went to the movies Thursday morning while the twins stayed home with their Grandy.  Xander shared his leftover popcorn when we got back, but the mess was too much for Piper to handle.

Why yes, my daughter is planking for no reason.

And this is happening now - cousin sleepover night!

On that note, I need to go try to get those boys to bed.

Oh, but first - the photos of the day!

Day 15

Day 16

Day 17

Have a great weekend!

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