Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Day 8 - I've Made It a Week

Well I started my Project 365 last Wednesday, and I made it to this Wednesday.  It's a start!

Today our friend Evan came over and his mom is brilliant and brought a craft with her - painting with pudding.  Basically, you make pudding, add food coloring, and paint away.  We pulled a few tables outside and went to town.  It was so fun and messy, but unfortunately, my camera battery died after just about 3 shots.  So - here is the photo of the day:

I did grab my camera later and put the half-charged battery in it to snap a shot of the twins playing with cars on the stairs.  They were so cute, pushing the cars around on the banister and saying, "Vrrrroooommmm."  But, of course, when I got the camera out, they stopped playing with the cars and decided to scare me to death instead.


That's it for today!  Thanks for checking in!

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