Sunday, June 15, 2014

Father's Day Weekend

On Friday I posted about the tree that fell in our backyard and my conundrum over whether or not to take Xander to Tweetsie.  I took him.  And we had a blast.  And the tree got cut up and taken away in crazy record time thanks to several of our amazing friends.  I'm not really good at asking for help, and maybe that's part of the reason why, but I was just shocked and humbled by the selflessness of these people.

But anyway - we did have some fun outside on Friday before all of that went down (see what I did there?).

Getting shot in the eye by the sprinkler

Perfecting ninja moves (love the shadow too)

We moved the plants off these stands because Piper was throwing dirt everywhere.  Now this happens instead.

Then - Tweetsie on Saturday.  (For me, Xander, and my mom anyway.)

Cutest conductor ever
My mom doesn't do spinning-and-flying-at-the-same-time, so she took a few shots of me and Xander
I'm not sure what was happening here, but this is about right
I don't do pick-you-up-then-drop-you rides, so I took a few shots of my mom and Xander on this one

Love it

Then today was Father's Day.  We had plans to go to my parents' house this evening, but both of them ended up feeling sick, so we hung out at home and acted crazy instead.

She has been randomly pretending to sleep for a few weeks now.  A couple days ago she took it up a notch by adding a blanket and "Night night" before she shuts her eyes.
Paxton must have thought she was really going to sleep, because he ran over and kissed her.  Which was amazing.
This is typical.  Piper is rolling and Xander is flipping/falling/fighting - both while squealing and/or yelling.  Paxton is watching like, "Seriously with this?"

I got Piper those glittery shoes today because they were on Clearance and I couldn't resist.  (And yeah - they're rolling up the rug for no apparent reason.)

I also got Piper these shoes - in a size bigger - because they were also on Clearance and I love them.  But Paxton apparently loves them to and REALLY wanted to wear them, so I let him.

As we were getting dinner together, Xander went into his room and found Piper playing his Nintendo.  Hilarious.

Here's dinner.  Since we expected to be at my parents' I didn't have anything planned, so we just quickly threw something together for the kids.  Xander is already finished and ready to get down and play, Paxton is taking his time eating v-e-r-y slowly and carefully, and Piper is rubbing food in her hair.  So very typical of each of them.

And here are my three Photos of the Day from the weekend:

Day 10

Day 11

Day 12

I really should have gotten a picture of Lucas with all the kids for Father's Day, huh?  Fail.

As always, thanks for checking in on our crazy normalness.  Have a great week!

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