Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Highs and Lows

High - Sunday after church we went to my parents' house to celebrate my sis-in-law turning a quarter of a century!  My parents grilled out and set up kiddie pools and a sprinkler for the kids.  I forgot to take my camera, but I took a few with my iPhone.

High - On Sunday night, Lucas and the kids stayed home to watch the World Cup and I went to my church's youth group.  I'm starting to help co-lead the high school girls' group with a good friend of mine.  Years ago Lucas and I were youth leaders and we really loved it, so I'm excited to be starting this again.  But I didn't take pictures.

Low - Monday morning I took all 3 kids to Walmart ("You have your hands full" count:  3), which I do fairly often.  But this day, Piper was over it.  And she escaped her stroller.  A few times.  Once while we were doing the "self-checkout" and Xander was trying to ring things up by himself, which meant items being counted multiple times, and Paxton was crying because - well, I don't remember why.  And Piper slipped out of her straps and just hopped on out of the double stroller.  Awesome.

High - Monday evening after dinner, we went back outside to play, and had popsicles.  Lucas had to wash his motorcycle, so Xander decided to pick a water fight.  He lost.

High - Tuesday night I went to a Counting Crows concert with one of my very best friends.  The show was good, and the company was even better.

Low - Tuesday night between the middle act (Toad the Wet Sprocket) and the main band, it rained.  Hard.  I mean, it was was coming down sideways.  We were absolutely soaked.  I told Lucas we could not have been wetter if we jumped in a lake.  I was in cold, wet, jeans for over 4 hours (until I could drive home and change).

High - Xander can read!  I mean, not every single word yet, but he can definitely read on his own.  The other day we got out a book that he's not familiar with (so it wasn't memorized) and he read almost all of it by himself.  Here's a short video.

Low - Today we said a final goodbye to our Bosco.  Over 9 years ago we brought him home as a tiny puppy and for better or worse, he's been with us ever since.  In the past 6 weeks, he has gone downhill quickly.  He lost about 30 pounds, and most of his appetite and energy.  Although, after ruling out several things, the vet wasn't sure what exactly was wrong (without more tests), we suspect cancer due to many lumps all over him.  Several friends have been praying for us to have a peace about the timing of his passing as we wrestled over it for the past few weeks, and this morning we had it.  It was time.  It was and is incredibly sad, but peaceful at the same time.

High - Having Bosco in our family for over 9 years.  He has played with us, been sad with us, moved with us, and welcomed our children home from the hospital.  He has been a handful at times, but always a big sweetheart.  I rarely heard him growl.  Bark?  Yes.  At birds, squirrels, people walking, the broom. . . but never at the kids.  He is already so very missed and I hate feeling this way, but I still wouldn't trade our time with him for anything.  He was a good dog, and we were blessed to get to hang out with him all this time.

Meeting Xander

Ignoring Xander

And the photos of the day for the past few days:

Day 19
Caught this first thing Sunday morning (with my iPhone)

Day 20

Xander's bath Monday night

Day 21

Day 22

Goodbye, sweet boy.  We love you.

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