Friday, June 13, 2014

I love trees. Except these.

Tonight I'll do an Instagram post and save the Project 365 stuff for later.  Because I've been preoccupied with planning for tomorrow.  I have been planning for a while now to take Xander to Tweetsie to see Thomas the Tank Engine.  But then a freak 30-second storm came through and knocked down another tree in our back yard.  This is like the 4th one.

I know these are different angles, but humor me here. . . I took the top picture yesterday and the bottom one a few hours ago.

See the tree on the left?

And all that tree - it's now resting on top of our wooden fence and well into our neighbor's yard.  We're actually quite lucky in many ways (it landed where they park, but they were out, and it took out one panel of fencing but the posts on either side are fine), but we still need to get it out of our neighbor's way pretty quickly.

So.  My husband put out a Facebook plea for help and several wonderful friends said they could come cut up and haul this away.  But one problem - he's supposed to be watching the twins while we're at Tweetsie.  So that means we'll need someone to watch them for us.  Thankfully, we are crazy blessed with amazing selfless people in our lives and one of the guys that is coming to help Lucas has a wife and kids that said they would come watch the twins.

Yet, I'm torn.  Because, yes, I love going with Xander.  It's really good for us to get away and some special time without his brother and sister because they take up quite a bit of my attention.


First off, he's not a big Thomas fan anymore.  He's over it and into super heroes now.  I mean, we still love Tweetsie itself and yes, he's very excited about going, but it's not like he'll lose his cool (in a good way) when he sees Thomas or anything.  And secondly, my mom is going with us.  Which means she could easily just take Xander and let me stay here and watch them.

So I feel extremely lame taking off and letting these great people use their entire Saturday watching my own children - my responsibility - when I could really do it.  (I've talked with her and she's willing and excited about coming, but still.  I'm lame.)


So anyway - between all that and trying to pick up the house a bit because people are coming, I haven't really messed with pictures tonight.  And now, even though I need to do lots of other things, I'm ready for bed.  The good thing is - since I take more pictures with my camera now, I take a lot less with my phone, so there weren't many to go through.

So let's get to it.  These are totally out of order again, but . . . well, I'm not messing with it.  (See above.)

This is Piper and our pal Evan, with the aftermath of pudding painting on their faces.  And hands.  And feet.  And - you get it.

I secretly hope at least one of my children will be an artist.  (Guess it's not so secret anymore.)  Regardless, I'm pretty sure I'll always want to hang up every picture they make.  I love it.

I make popsicles pretty much every day.  But I've learned the hard way that we have to eat them outside.  (As Piper is demonstrating here.)

This square version didn't save, but I couldn't leave it out.  These are happy yells.  Just yelling on the way home from church.  No reason.  Just yelling.

And this was last Saturday - snacking on popcorn and watching Toy Story like they're big kids or something.

That's it, folks.  Wish us luck with the tree!  Have a great weekend!

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