Tuesday, June 10, 2014

I'm Not Good At Titles

So today started out indoors.  We played with some blocks and got out some paper and crayons.

By the way - Xander doesn't normally hold a crayon like that.  He was "helping them learn how."

I was thinking today how it amazes me that the twins are "growing up" so fast lately.  It's in the little things that most people wouldn't notice.  Like this past Sunday they walked into/out of church holding our hands.  Just a few weeks ago they would have sprinted the opposite direction just for fun.  And the last time we tried crayons Piper just bit off all the tips of hers and Paxton dropped them down the vent.  But today they both colored.  It's crazy.  And fun.

But anyway - we went outside a little later than usual this morning.  It was about 11:15 by the time we got out there.  And it was hot.  So I broke out the sprinkler and let them play, clothes and all.

Xander kept turning it so it was hit the twins directly in the face.  Luckily they thought it was funny.

He did it to himself too.

Paxton hugged it and just laid like this several times.  Pretty cute.
This looks like a chance shot, but I have about 10 other pictures like this.  She just liked it spraying her face.  Hilarious.

So after this we went inside to cool down and the twins took a nap.  During that nap Xander and I remembered that Mimi and Big Papa (my parents) got us a different cool sprinkler this weekend!  So we set that up and after nap we put on swim suits.  (Well, the kids did.)

Paxton's new fun thing is to stay on the porch and/or run the opposite direction as I try to herd everyone to the back yard.  As seen here.

Today Piper joined him in the run-from-Mommy fun.  (Look at how neither of her feet are touching the ground.)

But we finally made it to the back and turned on the sprinkler.  Paxton hung back while Piper and Xander checked it out.  Mostly Xander, who made a ninja game out of trying to walk down the whole sprinkler without getting wet.

He got hit.  In a most unfortunate spot.

Xander played this game so long that the twins got interested in other things.

To answer your question - no, this is not allowed.  (And yes, she is very fast.)
And my photo of the day today is the very first one I took.  I was cleaning up from breakfast and turned around to see this:

I love it.

Thanks for checking in on our shenanigans.

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