Saturday, June 7, 2014


I'm over 2 weeks behind on showing you Instagram pictures, so I'll try to catch up now.  Let's get to it.

Cute girl in her big brother's hat

The Instagram (square) version of this didn't save because I didn't use a filter, but there wasn't much difference.  She just laid like this for the longest time, only moving her little ankles back and forth.
There's a thing on Instagram called "throwback Thursday" where you post an old photo instead of a recent one.  This one was 2 years ago (well, now 2 years and a couple weeks ago) - when I was 33 weeks pregnant.  This was the last picture taken of me pregnant with the twins.  The next day I had a doctor's appointment and ended up going to the hospital with contractions from there.  Then a few days later, Paxton had waited long enough and decided to come say hey to big brother.
I went to answer the door one day and it took me about a minute - maybe 90 seconds.  I head upstairs to follow the twins and this is how I found them.  (There are about 10 tiny bottles of shampoo in the sink, too.)

Xander and his buddy Louie (White Rabbit) in his preschool play!  (I will never get tired of that Mad Hatter costume.)

Xander's first and last day of preschool this year.  I am SO very thankful that he got to go.  We both absolutely loved it.

Bosco and Piper

When our friends came to visit, we had a house showing at 9am, so we all went to Waffle House.  That's our buddy Colton with Xander, and of course the twins.  (Piper didn't smile and just kept eating instead.)

Here's Piper, Colton, and Paxton using the bath colors.

I am so very close to being able to put this hair in pigtails.  Now if she'll let me do it. . . that's another issue.

Have I mentioned how awesome Xander is?  This day he said, "I think even if I had more sisters, Piper would be the best one."  He drives me crazy sometimes, but really - I'm not sure I could do this twin thing without him.  He's so good with them.
Even though Lucas and I had gotten the twins' gifts, Xander just had to buy them something specifically from him.  And then wrap them.  And then write on them.

And here's what he picked out.  The plates because - duh - Mickey and Minnie.  The jewelry because "Piper will look so bootiful in this!" and the car?  He spent a good 4-5 minutes looking at every single Matchbox car before finding THE perfect one for Paxton.  Again - best big brother ever.
On their birthday, Xander didn't want to wait until the evening to give them a gift, so throughout the day he would wrap up some of his own stuff that he didn't mind doing without and give it to them.  Here was the first gift.  Baby Bear now lives in Paxton's crib (but gets passed back and forth, so don't worry - they both get him).

Birthday cake!!!

This was not the first time they had ice cream, but it was certainly the first time they've gotten - and held - their own cones.  They cried when it was gone.
I had a fabulous hiding spot for hide-and-seek.  So fabulous, in fact, that Xander couldn't find me and had to ask Daddy to help.  By the time they found me, I couldn't bend my neck to get out and Lucas had to pull me.  #worthit

Piper rubbed cheese in her hair.  Because - it's Piper.

And this was Friday - National Doughnut Day, apparently.  Krispy Kreme was giving out one free doughnut per person, so of course we had to jump on that.

Thanks for reading, friends.  I'm still taking pictures with my real camera and I'll catch you up on Project 365 soon. 

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