Thursday, June 12, 2014

P365 ~ Day 9

I'm just going to do today in pictures.  And probably captions.

Piper and Xander were extra lovey today.  So, a lot of cuddling and giggling happened.

Meanwhile, Paxton wanted to go outside, but it was overcast off and on, and I thought it may start raining, so we stayed in for the morning.  He entertained himself with paper towels for a bit.
After nap we did go outside, and Pax was jazzed.  He hopped onto this table first thing and declared, "Ta da!"  (Love the spirit fingers.)

He was acting a little crazy - well, not by Piper's standards, but for Pax.

He almost walked down this slide, but decided against it and slid instead.  Good call.
Piper pushed her car around a bit. . .

. . . then they decided to jump on the trampoline

Of all the pine needles on the thing, Paxton HAD to get this one off.  Thanks bud.

And Paxton got some air!

Still not as high as Piper though.  About this time a storm came through (see the dark sky?) and we had to run in.
When we came in there was more snuggling by these two

And then - this happened while I threw dinner together.

Two of my boys making homemade cookies

Cutie pie.  This was almost the photo of the day.  Or maybe one of Paxton being silly outside.  Or maybe one of Xander and Piper snuggling.  Yet, just because it was so cute, I picked. . .
She's like, "Look at Daddy!"  Love it.

So there you have it.  My day in pictures.  See you this weekend for Instagrams!

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