Monday, June 9, 2014

Supermom (and day 6)

Sometimes people call me Supermom (or Super Mom?), which makes me laugh.  Because I'm not.  My kids eat crumbs off the floor.  Well, first they put crumbs all over the floor, then they eat them.  Today they were splashing in the toilet a bit.  They hit each other and throw things when they're mad and pout and stomp.  And I don't follow through with my threats enough.  And they know it.  Supermom I am not.  But sometimes I feel a bit super.

Let me back up - on Saturday I went to my parents' house and on the way there I got pulled over by a State Trooper.  And got a citation.  For expired tags.  (Wait - tags?  Plural?  There's just one tag, right?  I've never thought about this before.  Most people say tags, though, right?  Is this a weird cultural thing from where I'm from?)  So anyway - then I drove directly to get the van inspected.

So that was Saturday.  This morning I made THREE phone calls before 9am, and let me tell you - that is an accomplishment in itself.  So riding this high, I decided to get all the kids dressed (including shoes, people) and strapped into the van.  And we drove to the tag office.  I got all the kids out, two of them strapped into the giant double stroller, and the third within eyesight (all I can ask for) and barely into the tag office.  Where I saw the twisty maze of a line - you know the kind that they rope off and force you to make 180-degree turns every 4 feet?  Yeah, that.  With a double stroller.  But I'm only slightly sweating from the loading and unloading of children at this point, so I press on.  I mean, sure my oldest child is telling me (loudly) that he wants the (disgusting) candy in the $0.25 machines, Paxton is taking off his shoes and throwing them around, and the stroller is clipping every single pole I try to spin around, even taking out one of the velvet ropes.  But by golly - I got my registration renewed.  I pushed the kids back out the door (including Xander, who was still asking for the candy), and only caused 4 people to step into the parking lot to get around my giant stroller.  So I got in the car, started to head home, and made a rash decision to go to the courthouse to see the DA.  There were no parking spaces right beside it (I drove in a circle 3 times), so we parked 2 blocks away.  I pushed the kids there, uphill, and got to the door.  Where there is a walk-through metal detector.  Which I couldn't get through with the stroller.  The guy at the door was super nice and let me walk around.  He even humored Xander and answered a few of his (many) questions, as he asked me if I had any pocketknives or cell phones (I did not).  By this point the twins were ready to get out of the stroller, but we pushed through the building and to the DA's office.  Where I couldn't fit through the door.  Luckily, his clerk was super nice and she came to me, took my information, and got my citation dropped.  Then I got Xander a "prize" out of the nearby machine, pushed the twins and pulled Xander the 2 blocks to the van, got everyone strapped in, and went home.  By the time we got back in the door, Xander was asking what's for lunch (it was 10:06am), Paxton and Piper were yelling for juice, and I was for-real sweating.

But I felt like Supermom.

Until I tried to start potty training Paxton, that is.  That lasted about an hour.  I don't think they're quite ready.  Not so Supermom with that one.

But it's okay - that's how it goes.  Overall, I think I'm probably breaking even.

Anyway, on a happy note, we ended the day with a visit from my dear dear friends that I haven't seen in entirely too long.  I didn't even take many pictures because we spent the whole time talking.  But here's the 2 I took.

Paxton and my friends' oldest son watching Wreck It Ralph together

Xander and their youngest son playing games together

And now, the photo of the day:

Day 6
Paxton in his big boy underwear!

See ya later, friends!

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  1. Yeah, you are a Supermom/Super MOM!! :) It was so nice hanging out and talking!! I can't wait to do it again! :) Love the pics. Thanks so much for having us over! Love You guys!!