Sunday, June 8, 2014

Weekend Fun (and days 3, 4, 5)

I'm going to do a quick catch-up on the past few days.  On Friday, our friend Waylon and his baby brother Zeke came to play.  We introduced Waylon to the trampoline.

Then Daddy came home and Piper was very happy to see him.

On Saturday, our friend Tyler came over to help Lucas move some giant tree branches, and Xander helped.

Then Lucas threw out his back.  Not so good.  BUT - Piper wore a tutu and we all played outside, so let's focus on that.

I would be pushing Paxton and he'd say, "Cheese?  Cheese?"  I would ask, "Do you want me to take your picture?" and he would nod.  As soon as I brought my camera to my eye he made this face.  Every time. 
The tutu plus the hair blowing in the wind just kills me.

This girl cracks herself up.  And that cracks me up.

And then there's planking.  Of course.

These legs!

Piper has seriously gotten this jumping thing down.  She gets major air.

Paxton?  He tries. 
They have so much fun together.

Then today (Sunday) we went to church, ran by my parents' house and my sister's house to say hey, then after lunch the twins napped and Xander and I went to a pool party.  He had a blast.

Xander's cousin Kate was also there; I love this shot of them jumping in together.

After not too long, the girls started hanging together while Xander practiced cannonballs (which, to make clear, was completely fine with all parties involved).

Seriously, check out that cannonball form!

So intense!

After we came home, a sudden downpour started, and Daddy decided to let the kids have a rain party on the porch!

As often happens, Piper jumped right out there and Paxton watched for a while first.
But he eventually got out there too.

I took a lot of pictures the last 3 days and it was hard to narrow it down to one for Project 365.  So I narrowed it down to about 10 each day, then pondered so long that I stopped caring and let Xander pick one (day 3) and randomly picked the others.  So here's Days 3, 4, and 5.

Day 3
Xander's pick.  He laughed so hard at this picture.  Then later asked to see it again and laughed some more.

Day 4
I know most of you will be all "Huh?" about this one, but I love it.  I don't dress them matchy-matchy or anything, but sometimes I love when they do twin things, like bend over and touch the water at the exact same time in the exact same way.

Day 5
This is just pure joy.  They loved every second of it.

Hope you had a great weekend too!  Thanks so much for reading!

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