Sunday, June 1, 2014

Xander's Preschool Graduation

So Xander is finished with preschool.  As a final celebration, his school had a play and graduation ceremony (which was every bit as adorable as you can imagine).  They did a version of "Alice in Wonderland" that was absolutely wonderful and so very entertaining.  And as I looked through the pictures I took I am kicking myself for not taking any shots of the amazing decorations and atmosphere.  His teachers and particularly the director are so very creative and wonderful, and they did a crazy good job with it all.  I was so impressed.

So we're all seated and waiting and the kids come walking out in their costumes.  All I know is Xander is the Mad Hatter.  And then I see this. . .

If you try to tell me that's not the coolest Mad Hatter you've ever seen I will call you a dirty liar to your face.  His costume was completely amazing.

His scene was, of course, the tea party.

He had a few lines, and it was super cute to hear him (and ALL of the kids) saying them.  Xander said he wasn't nervous, but I think he was because he forgot the one line that he knew the very best when we practiced at home.  But it didn't matter - it was fantastic.  And he had a blast.

Then they changed out of costumes and into. . . tiny caps and gowns!

I never went to preschool and although I've had nieces and nephews go and "graduate," I have never been to a ceremony and I guess I just didn't realize that they actually wear caps and gowns and walk across a stage and everything.  I was just grinning the whole time because it was so stinking cute.

So they called his full name - Alexander James Bruch - and he walked across that stage as his teacher told the audience that when he grows up he's going to be a football player.  He tried not to smile as he took his diploma and walked past us.

He got back in his spot and turned and smiled at me, so proud of his little diploma.  It was just entirely too cute.

After the ceremony, we had snacks and he laughed with his friends and his cousin (who came to see him), and it was so much fun.  Although it lasted quite a bit longer than I anticipated, it was worth every second and I wouldn't have missed it for the world.

Congratulations, my Xander.  I hope to see you graduate several more times!

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