Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Cavities and the Greenway

Xander went to the dentist for the first time when he was 2 years old.  I know of some 2-year-old children who can be patient, sit still, and even watch entire movies at one time.  My children have never been like that.  Xander is, in fact, almost 6 years old and still has a hard time watching movies in one sitting.  The last time we went to the theater he stood up several times just so he could move and talked "quietly" (to him; not to the rest of us) for 40% of the film.  And - honest to goodness - that was the best trip to the movies so far.

But what I'm talking about is the dentist.  So - when 2-year-old Xander went to the dentist for the very first time, we were there over 2 hours before the dentist even saw him.  When she finally did, she told me that he had 8 cavities.  Eight.  Cavities.  In his tiny baby teeth.  Naturally, I polished off my Mom of the Year plaque as soon as I got home.

Relaxing in the waiting room - check out his crossed ankles

Long story short - it took several months and many tear-filled trips to the dentist to get all of that taken care of.  Since then, cleanings every 6 months and no cavities.  Until today.

He went for a cleaning today and the dentist immediately found a cavity.  X-rays revealed 3 more.  Ugh.  I hate cavities.  Most of them were between his teeth, and I'll admit we do not floss his teeth much at all.  (I know, it's totally shameful.  But it's true.)  So the dentist offered to do one filling while we were there today, and we did it.  And it was not awesome.  It's wasn't awful (thanks in part to the great staff there - for real), but it wasn't awesome.  He was a little scared and trying to be brave, but broke a couple times and shed a few tears.  It kind of broke my heart - both the tears and seeing him trying to be tough.

But we got through it and talked about brushing more often and more thoroughly.  And after all that, we treated ourselves to Chick Fil A for lunch, and brought some home to the twins then put them down for nap.  Then we had to have some fun to make up for that morning.  Including going for a walk on the Greenway and eating a picnic dinner outside after Lucas got home.  So I'm going to stop typing now and show you some pictures from that (all taken with my phone because I didn't bring the camera).

Happy mid-week, friends!  Hope you're getting amazing weather like we are.  And I hope you're able to enjoy it!

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