Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Deep Thoughts with Alexander James

One Sunday morning I was getting Piper from the breakfast table and said, "Come on, let's put on a dress so you will be beautiful!"  Xander replied defensively, "She's already beautiful!  She doesn't need a dress!"

X:  Hey Mommy, what is four times four-hundred?  Sixteen-hundred?
M:  Um, yes.  How did you know that?
X:  I'm sensitive.
*Note to self:  He's got math down; let's work on vocabulary.*

I put him to bed and he got up again and again with questions.  This was about the fifth time he got up.
X:  I have a very important question for you.  How many inches long are 5 adult ducks?
M:  Whhuuu. . .
X:  Just regular adult ducks.
M:  I don't know.
X:  Baby ducks!
M:  I don - just go to bed.
X:  Teenage ducks!
M:  Go to bed.
X:  5-year-old ducks!
M:  Go.  To.  Bed.
X:  Ducks that wear shoes!  Ducks that eat other ducks!
(At this point I just cracked up and had to escort him back to bed.)

"When God gives us our new bodies, will they be taller so we can hear Him better?"

One day during the twins' nap I was eating lunch and Xander informed me that we were now playing samurai warriors as he hit all around me with a foam sword.
M:  Oh no!  Don't wreck my house!
X:  No; a samurai warrior wouldn't say that.  He would just get up and FIGHT."

(Praying one night after playing outside)
"Dear God, why did you make mosquitoes?  Please tell me.  And if you don't have a good reason, I'm coming to Heaven to spank your giant bottom!"

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