Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Picture Slump

I haven't been super diligent about taking pictures with my real camera this week.  The reason?  I'm lazy.  Well, and it's kind of weird to bring a big camera into the dentist office.  But I have still taken at least one picture a day!  Barely.

Day 54 - Almost didn't take a picture this day.  Got one with my iPhone of Lucas working right before I went to bed.  (Should this count?  I don't know.  But I'm counting it.)

Day 55 - Mimi and Big Papa took Xander to Burger King for lunch this day.  He was sweet enough to bring back some food - and crowns - for his brother and sister.

Day 56 - Greenway goodness

Day 57 - Sweetest thing ever?  One of them, for sure.  (They had no idea I was taking this - hence Paxton getting out of the tub and standing on the toilet.)

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